Last year, I joined a lawyer's group that focuses on practice management and marketing. The group is called Great Legal Marketing, GLM for short, and its run by a lawyer named Ben Glass, who heads a law firm out of Virginia, in the DC area. Anyway, I dove headfirst into their methodology, because they are innovators and I love what they do. I've had to travel to DC a few times for their events (another one coming up in May) and I come back with great info every time. For example, it was Ben and the folks at GLM that encouraged me to write my book on estate planning and elder law. I never thought I could write a book, but they assured me I could, they put me in contact with the right publisher, and voila, book done. If you want a copy, download it HERE, and you can request a hardcopy HERE as well.

Another idea I took from them was setting up something called "Core Values". At GLM they ask a lot of tough questions, really getting down to why we became lawyers, and what we want our law firms to look like. They ask us how do we want to run our practice, and our daily lives, maintaining a work-life balance. One example they set up was establish a set of value for their company, called Core Values, that really set the basis for what they do, why they do it, and how they do it. I really liked the idea, because putting things on paper helps me remember them better, and having these values in place reminds me of why I do what I do, as well as how I want the firm to be viewed by clients, the public, and my family.

So I set up my own list of core values, and had them printed on two big posters on display here at the office. I also created a version that can be viewed or downloaded here. Im proud of them, and thought that these values would be a cool thing to share. For clients that want to work with me, it's important that they see them, because it's what we are all about. Check them out.

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