long-term care email seminarDo you need to pay for long-term care for yourself or a family member, but are unsure how or where to start?

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Many people are unsure of what to do and where to turn when it comes to paying for long-term care, and most law firms won't give that information out for free. That is why our managing attorney and CEO, Attorney Michael Monteforte, Jr. started this 5-part long-term care video seminar! The idea of this email seminar is to help educate people on the ways to pay for long-term care and how to protect your home and assets from long-term care expenses. This email seminar will help you get an understanding of what planning you can do now, so you are not in crisis planning mode later. 

Here’s what we cover in this 5-day seminar:

The benefit of this 5-part email seminar is that you can sign up anytime and watch the videos at your own pace, on your own time! Each video is about 5 minutes long, making it easy and quick to watch!

Since education is one of our core values at Monteforte Law, we want to help people who come to us in trying times, such as planning for long-term care. 

Even if you are not ready to start planning for long-term care, this video seminar will help you understand how to protect your family, your home, and your assets from long-term care expenses.

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