Seminar Estate Planning

Are you ready to begin your planning in order to protect your legacy and protect your family if you get sick or need long-term care in the future?

Join estate planning specialists, Attorney Michael Monteforte and Attorney Amanda Wood, for a free estate planning seminar! Learn in plain English how to plan ahead to make life easier for your loved ones. Make sure your wishes are heard and followed through if anything were to happen to you. 

These LIVE 90-minute seminars are being held online monthly!

Join us online this month on September 29th, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST or on September 30th at 6:00 PM EST. Each attendee will receive a special deal at the end of the seminar, as well as FREE estate planning books and reports written by Attorney Michael Monteforte. If these dates do not work for you, check back next month for new dates and times!

What will you learn?

In this seminar with you will learn about the three documents you shouldn’t live (or die) without. These three documents are the most important parts of any estate plan and form the center of the puzzle, with all other pieces working around them. 

You will also get educated on how to pay for long-term care services at home, at an assisted-living facility, or in a nursing home. This seminar will also educate you on how to keep your money in your own pockets, or your family’s, so Uncle Sam doesn’t get it all. You will also learn about the different types of Trusts and if the one you have really is protecting you and your assets. A Trust can be very powerful, but only if you have the right one.

You will also learn...

  • How to protect your home and assets from nursing home liens.
  • How to keep Uncle Sam’s hands out of your pocket by minimizing death taxes.
  • How to pass on wealth and legacy to your children.
  • The three essential estate planning documents needed to pass your assets to loved ones.
  • How to ensure your family can avoid probate, which can be very lengthy and very expensive.
  • How Trusts work and how they can:
    • Protect your home, your biggest asset.
    • Avoid probate.
    • Minimize death taxes.
  • How to use a Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy to ensure your wishes are followed, both medical and financial, if you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's.
  • How to keep life insurance proceeds out of your taxable estate.
  • How to pay and plan for long-term care.
  • How to qualify for MassHealth Long-Term Care benefits, even if you have substantial assets.
  • Allowable spend-down of assets for long-term care.
  • How parents of children with special needs can pass down their wealth to their child and plan for lifetime care, without losing important benefits.

You should attend this seminar if...

  • You don't currently have an estate plan in place that protects your family and legacy.
  • You have not updated your estate plan in the last 3 years.
  • You have over $1 million in assets, including your home and any life insurance policies.
  • You or a loved one needs to apply for long-term care.
  • You want to pass on a business to your children or other beneficiaries, and keep your assets from greedy family members.
  • You want to avoid fighting between your family members over your health and finances by expressing your wishes now.
  • You have blended families or a child with special needs.

If you fall into any of these categories, be sure to sign up now for this FREE seminar by filling out the form below!

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