What sets us apart from other estate planning attorneys is our years of experience and our specialized knowledge. We guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions designed just for you.

We offer personalized services to fit your specific needs.

What Else Makes Us Different?

 Our new streamlined intake process. Some advantages of our system include the following:

  1. Faster, easier & more convenient—unlike anyone else in the area!
  2. Start with our initial consultation. No time to get to the office? Too far to travel? Consults can be done by video chat or by telephone, thanks to our Touchless Legal Services.
  3. Online Hiring Agreement signed electronically. Ready to hire us for your service? We email you the agreement, which you then review, sign electronically, and return by email. No waiting for the mail to come in.
  4. Online intake forms. We no longer need you to take time out of your busy workday to answer intake questions via phone. Sometimes, our schedule doesn’t match yours, so it’s difficult to find a mutually convenient time to handle information collection. Our matter-specific intake form is emailed to you for completion. Complete the form online, from the comfort of your home, on your timetable. The form is sent back to us electronically, and we can use that information to immediately start drafting or working on your case. Learn more about the easy intake - Our 5 Step Process
  5. Drafts sent by email. After drafting is complete, the drafts are sent to you through email, for your review, with an opportunity to ask all of your questions.
  6. Use email or text to make your final signing appointment.
  7. Pay your retainer, deposit, or final bill online. Don’t want to pay by check? With our new system, provided by LawPay, you can pay your retainer, deposit, or final bill online via credit card. Fast and easy.
  8. We stay with you after the signing. Signing your plan is just the beginning of our relationship.

We strive to make the process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. Requiring fewer in-person appointments means fewer trips to the office for you, less time consumed out of your day, and an easier, faster final result. Please fill out the form on this page to get started working with us today!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help clients protect their families and their assets by providing personalized plans for their future.

Our Core Values

The Client’s Best Interest.

We practice with the highest standard of ethics. We help our clients to relieve their stresses and give them peace of mind through our honesty and transparency. 

Quality Custom Solutions.

Our process allows us to create customized solutions, tailored to the specific client and their families. No two clients are the same, so no two plans are the same


We believe in educating ourselves and our clients. We stay up to date on ever-changing laws and create free books and reports so our clients can stay up to date as well. 

Giving Back.

We support local organizations by donating to senior centers and local causes. We also created a high school and college scholarship program for our local community. 

Estate Planner For Life.

Your life and the law are always changing, and your plan has to change with it. We stay in constant contact with our clients to stay on top of changes in the law and in your life.