We are much different from other estate planning and elder law firms.

We thrive on doing things differently from everybody else. From the start of our process to the end, you will find that no other estate planning firm does things quite like us. What sets us apart from other estate planning attorneys is our years of experience and our specialized knowledge.

We guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions designed just for you.

What Else Makes Us Different?

The Strategic Planning Session Difference

The first meeting with one of our attorneys is your Strategic Planning Session, but it is much different from the so-called free consultations that other law firms try to sell you on. To ensure, no time is wasted during your session, all of your basic information is provided to us ahead of time via our secure encrypted online intake forms. This form asks you for your basic information that way our attorney can review it and start thinking of recommendations all before you even stepped in the door! You can fill out this form online, or we can mail you a hard copy. Your session is where we get to know you but also included with your session is the attorney's review of any existing estate planning documents that you have. You will provide those documents to us ahead of time so the attorney can review them before your meeting, and is ready to talk about the pros and cons of those documents when you come in. No time is wasted! You will also have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want, and the attorney will use the meeting to determine the appropriate recommendations to make for your situation and your family. Those recommendations are then provided to you in writing, with all flat-rate pricing provided as well. No surprises. We can’t say the same for most attorneys. To learn more about our Strategic Planning Session, click here.

Our Custom Documents

Our estate plans are customized specifically to you and your family. We do not offer canned solutions where each client walks away with the same thing. Our packages are designed to accommodate your family, your finances, and your specific goals. Whether your goals are to minimize taxes, to pass wealth down to the next generation, or to protect your home from long-term care costs, our documents are custom-tailored to you. No two families are the same, and no two estate plans are the same. We thrive on finding solutions to accomplish your goals.

Educational Materials and Books

From the very beginning of your dealings with us, we are different. Rather than jumping right into the first meeting, when you haven’t had a chance to get to know us, and we haven’t had a chance to get to know you, we start with education. We provide you with numerous materials at no charge, so that you can get to know our team and get to know a little bit about estate planning. We don’t want you to go into this blind – we want you to know a little bit about what we might recommend and why. Attorney Monteforte is a three-time published author on the subjects of estate planning and elder law, and we will provide you with complimentary copies of his books. We are truly specialists in this field, and Attorney Monteforte really is the lawyer who wrote the book on it. His books and materials are written in plain English so that you can learn about estate plans without all of the legalese. No other firms have the same level of books and materials as we do. 

Our VIP Program

Just like the beginning of our process is different, the end of our process is different as well. That’s because the process never really ends. How can it? Your family and your finances are constantly changing. The law is constantly changing as well. What good is an estate plan that does not change with it? Our biggest pet peeve about other law firms is that they give you a set of documents, you walk out the door, and you never hear from them again. We provide options to continually monitor and amend your estate plan as the rules and your life change through our VIP Program

People’s lives are always changing. An estate plan that is the right fit for you in your 20s or 30s may be vastly different from something that meets your goals in your 40s and 50s, and again different from an estate plan that meets your retirement goals and helps protect you from long-term care. An estate plan that cannot grow and change is not the same thing as a living breathing plan that we offer through our VIP legacy plan program. Members of our VIP plan receive bi-monthly calls with us to discuss changes in their lives. At the same time, we are constantly monitoring changes in the law. During our bi-monthly calls, we will discuss whether the changes in your family need to be reflected as changes in your plan and whether changes in the law also need to be reflected as changes in your plan. Many of these changes require that action be taken, but when you haven’t heard from your estate planning attorney in five or 10 years, your estate plan can go stale. Our VIP plan makes sure that never happens. Not only do our VIP members receive bi-monthly calls, but they also receive edits to their estate planning documents as part of their benefits, included with their membership. Typically, these changes cost thousands of dollars, but our VIP members receive unlimited edits to their existing documents, as an included benefit with our legacy plans. Further, if changes in your life or the law necessitate entirely new documents, those new documents are drafted at a reduced price. Our VIP program is the stress-free way to manage your estate plan. Let us take care of it for you, and you can relax and have peace of mind knowing that your plan is always up to date.

Medicaid MassHealth Long-Term Care Applications

Most estate planning lawyers won’t go near Medicaid MassHealth Long-Term Care Applications. Many estate planning lawyers “attempt” to help you plan for long-term care with various Trusts and other tools to help position you to qualify, but when the rubber meets the road, and it’s time to do the actual application, they scatter. Rather than put their documents to the test, they leave you to go find someone else. Many times, that “someone else” is us. Where you should have come in the first place.

Other lawyers avoid these applications because they are difficult! If you or a loved one is in need of long-term care, there is coverage available for both in-home care and facility-based care, through Medicaid MassHealth if you qualify. The applications are cumbersome and very easy to mess up. They also require a review of FIVE YEARS worth of documents, including bank records, tax returns, investments, retirement accounts, and real estate sales.

The applications are filled with pitfalls, some of which can cause irreparable harm that can’t be fixed later. Most estate planning lawyers shy away from these applications because they require specialized expertise that these other lawyers just don’t have. But we do. We are uniquely specialized and experienced in doing these applications. We don’t just prepare you for an eventual application for long-term care, we actually get you through the application process.

Accredited by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs 

We have great respect for the veterans that have served our country. So much so, that we wanted to be able to assist veterans with their planning needs, even though veteran’s planning is different from planning for other people. Attorney Monteforte is accredited by the VA to assist veterans in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of a claim for VA benefits. This accreditation process exists to ensure that Veterans and their family members receive appropriate representation on their VA benefits claims. Accredited lawyers are in the best position to know the ins and outs of VA benefits planning.

If you are a veteran or a spouse of a veteran, you have unique needs, and there are many potential VA benefits available. However, if you go to an estate planning lawyer that is not accredited by the VA, you risk potentially losing available benefits if the attorney doesn’t have the expertise to advise you properly. VA benefits have asset limits, very similar to Medicaid benefit limits, but there are subtle nuances to VA benefits that are very different than Medicaid. For example, a Veteran’s Asset Protection Trust could be used to make you eligible for benefits that would otherwise be denied. This Trust is different even from Medicaid Trusts, and if they are used properly, they can make you eligible for benefits that might otherwise be denied.

If you hire an estate planner that isn’t accredited by the VA, you risk your benefits because the attorney just doesn’t know any better. You earned those benefits by serving our country, and you deserve what you’ve earned. The bottom line is: Don’t risk it. If you are a veteran, hire an estate planner that is accredited with the VA.

Our Streamlined Intake Process

Some advantages of our system include the following:‚Äč

  1. Online intake forms. Our matter-specific intake form is emailed to you for completion before your session. Complete the form online, from the comfort of your home, on your timetable.
  2. Hiring Agreement signed electronically. Ready to hire us for your service? We email you the agreement, which you then review, sign electronically, and return by email. No waiting for the mail to come in.
  3. Drafts sent by email. After drafting is complete, the drafts are sent to you through email for your review, with an opportunity to ask all of your questions.
  4. Use email or text to make your final signing appointment.
  5. Pay your retainer, deposit, or final bill online. With our new system, provided by LawPay, you can pay your retainer, deposit, or final bill online via credit card, or you can choose to pay by check as well.

We strive to make the process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. Requiring fewer in-person appointments means fewer trips to the office for you, less time consumed out of your day, and an easier, faster final result. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help clients protect their families and their assets by providing personalized plans for their future.

Our Core Values

The Client’s Best Interest.

We practice with the highest standard of ethics. We help our clients to relieve their stresses and give them peace of mind through our honesty and transparency. 

Quality Custom Solutions.

Our process allows us to create customized solutions, tailored to the specific client and their families. No two clients are the same, so no two plans are the same.


We believe in educating ourselves and our clients. We stay up to date on ever-changing laws and create free books and reports so our clients can stay up to date as well. 

Giving Back.

We support local organizations by donating to senior centers and local causes. We also created a high school and college scholarship program for our local community. 

Estate Planner For Life.

Your life and the law are always changing, and your plan has to change with it. We stay in constant contact with our clients to stay on top of changes in the law and in your life. 

Reach out to us to learn more about the Monteforte Law difference.

We aren’t like anybody else, and we don’t want to be. Estate planners have been doing it wrong for years. Don’t fall into the same trap as folks who have documents sitting in file cabinets in their house that are years and years old and have never been looked at since the day they were signed. We are different for a reason. We do it right.