Michael Monteforte, Jr.

Michael Monteforte, Jr.

CEO, Managing Attorney, Author, Public Speaker, & Entrepreneur
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About Mike

After coming from humble beginnings, Attorney Monteforte has been in practice for over 20 years. He specializes in complex estate planning, elder planning, wealth preservation, and long-term care planning. Mike also specializes in preparing applications for long-term care benefits through Medicaid and MassHealth. He has extensive experience in the MassHealth appeals process, and has a 100% success rate with approval of applications.

Mike has written numerous articles and materials on estate and elder planning. He is a three-time published author with books on estate planning (Planning Ahead), long-term care benefits (The Long Game), and planning for business owners (Your Business, Your Money). He is also a frequent public speaker at seminars and events.

Over the course of his career, Mike has grown his firm from a solo practice to an amazing team of 10. He has helped clients protect tens of millions of dollars in assets, and saved his clients millions in estate taxes. He has helped his clients obtain over $1 million dollars per year in long-term care benefits. Mike’s passion is to provide concierge level service to his clients, while helping them protect their assets, save on taxes, obtain long-term care benefits, and provide personalized plans for their future.

We are about relationships, not transactions. We want to provide peace of mind and be Your Estate Planner for Life ®.

Why did I become an Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney?

It's simple really. My family - specifically, my grandparents. Although they are no longer with us, their memory is a constant reminder to me about why I chose this field.

When my firm was still new, my grandparents (to me, Nanny & Papa) had to move into an assisted living facility. My grandfather was showing signs of dementia, and his symptoms were worsening - he needed more specialized care. The costs of long-term care are astronomical. 

Mikes Grandparents

My family kept asking me about my grandparents’ legal rights, but I was a young lawyer then, and the truth is, I didn't know the answers. I pledged that I would learn everything I could about elder law and estate planning. I vowed to find some way — any way — to help my family. So I read, and I studied, and I attended every seminar I could.

In the end, I helped them as best I could, but I learned that pre-planning is the key. That’s when I found my passion and my life’s work.

You can watch the "About Monteforte Law" video to learn more about why I'm so dedicated to what I do. By helping others, it's like I'm helping my grandparents too, and hopefully making them proud. We lost my grandfather in 2017, and my grandmother in 2019. My grandfather left me a ring when he passed away, and I keep it in a display case in my office, where I can see it every day. I can look at the ring and feel the joy of when they were still here. They were also at the forefront of my mind when I created our firm's Core Values and wrote my three books. We started a scholarship in my grandfather’s name, which I pay for every year, as a way to give back to my community and honor my grandfather’s legacy.

My Family 

While it was my grandparents that got me into estate planning and elder law, there are three reasons why I get up every day: My wife Jill, and our two children, Gabriella and Michael. Jill and I have been together since college (1996 - yikes!) and we have been married for over 20 years. Jill works in the health care field. As of today, Gabby is 18 and Mikey is 17. Gabby is attending Quinnipiac University, in the advanced law program, so we will have another lawyer in our family soon.

Mikes Family

Gabriella danced competitively for The Dance Company in Wilmington, MA, for 15 years, and is now a part of the Quinnipiac Dance Team. Mikey has played club baseball since he was 9 years old, and has traveled the world playing in baseball tournaments. Mikey will be attending Eastern Nazarene College after accepting their offer to play on their baseball team, and is interested in studying business. In our free time, we love to travel and go on cruises.  

Mikey Gabby

My Role at Monteforte Law, P.C.

I am the CEO and strategic planner for the law firm. That means I handle the “big picture” for the Firm, including the overall direction of the practice and daily coordination with my management team. I am responsible for training our attorneys and sharing my expertise with them. I created the Monteforte Law Wealth Preservation System to determine the absolute best plans for our clients.

I meet with high-net-worth clients and high-income earners in our Strategic Planning Session, to help them preserve their wealth, avoid estate taxes, plan for long-term care, and pass on assets to the next generation. I handle the more complex cases, so clients must have attained a certain asset level in order to meet with me personally. Other clients meet with our associate attorneys and my amazing team does the rest.

I look at every client’s estate planning as a problem that needs to be solved. I review and evaluate their assets, family situation, goals, and estate tax liability. My expertise lies in “solving” that client’s estate planning problem so that their estate plan achieves their goals.  

I also handle applications and appeals in the MassHealth long-term care application process. I am very proud to say that I have a 100% success rate with long-term care applications.


What don’t I do? I don’t do every Strategic Planning Session. I limit those meetings to clients who are high-income earners and have substantial assets. My associate attorneys handle the other sessions. I have trained my team to handle much of the initial process – they are smart, efficient, and great at what they do. Some estate plans are drafted by my associates, and some come to my desk for drafting to solve sophisticated issues. If your Strategic Planning Session is with one of my associates, I still evaluate the information that my team gathers in those sessions. My team handles most drafting questions and document draft review meetings. My team also handles document signing meetings, once your plan is complete. With the help of my amazing team, I can focus my time solely on making sure each client receives the best recommendations and on the most complex drafting issues.

I also spend a lot of my day writing books, articles, and blog posts, hosting our podcastcreating videos for our website and giving estate planning seminars to our clients, local senior centers, and local nursing homes. My real superpower is educating our clients by explaining complex legal concepts in plain English. I like to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, as well as our strategic referral partners. That’s why one of our Core Values is that we want to be your estate planner for life!

My Background

I grew up in Wakefield, MA, and went to Wakefield High, graduating in 1994. I attended Salem State University on the Presidential Scholarship for academics and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Salem State Honors Program in 1998 with a degree in criminal justice.

I started Suffolk University Law School in Boston straight out of college, determined to finish in three years, despite having to work nights and weekends. I went to school with kids whose parents put them up in apartments near the school, while I was either taking the train or fighting the traffic. When not in class, I went to one of my two jobs, either a computer store in Woburn or a small law firm in Lynn.

Despite being exhausted most of the time, I graduated from Suffolk in 2001. I took the bar exam and got married all in the same week (bar exam on Wednesday and Thursday, rehearsal dinner on Friday, and the wedding on Sunday!) and still managed to pass on my first try. I was sworn into the Massachusetts Bar in January 2002. I am also sworn into the New York Bar (2014) as well as the New Hampshire Bar (2021).

Mike and Jill

Going Out on My Own

I opened the Law Office of Michael Monteforte Jr. in September 2006. The firm started as a general practice, handling pretty much whatever came in the door, but over the years, I honed my expertise in estate planning and elder law.

The firm underwent a name change and was incorporated in 2017, and is now called Monteforte Law, P.C. I was licensed as a New York attorney in 2014 and a New Hampshire attorney in 2021.

The team has grown to 10 people, including 2 other attorneys. We truly believe our team is the best in the business.

Affiliations & Awards

  • Admitted January 2002, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
  • Admitted to Federal practice March 2006, US District Court, District of MA
  • Admitted to US Tax Court
  • Admitted August 2014, State Supreme Court of New York
  • Member of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), Federal & Massachusetts Chapters
  • Member of NAELA Practice Development & Practice Management Section
  • Member of NAELA Alliances Committee
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed Life Insurance Producer/Broker
  • Holder of FCLE Certificate in Trust & Estate Planning
  • Vetted and Approved by Secure Insight for real estate practice
  • Admitted to the Lawyers Distinction 
  • Lawyers of Distinction Recognized Excellence in Elder Law 2020 Award
  • Lawyers of Distinction Recognized Excellence in Estate Planning Law 2021 Award
  • Lawyers of Distinction Recognized Excellence in Estate Planning Law 2022 Award
  • Lawyers of Distinction Recognized Excellence in Estate Planning Law 2023 Award
  • Admitted April 2021, State Supreme Court of New Hampshire
  • Top Rated Lawyers in New Hampshire 2021
  • America's Most Honored Lawyers - Top 10% 2021
  • Boston Magazine Top Lawyers 2021
  • Boston Magazine Top Lawyers 2022
  • Best Probate Lawyer in Lowell 2021
  • Best Probate Lawyer in Somerville 2023
  • Three-time Published Author