You’ve worked hard for the assets you have.

So, why wouldn’t you take the extra step of protecting them for future generations? At Monteforte Law, P.C., we specialize in estate plans for high income earner individuals, high net-worth families, and business owners and in helping retirees with Trusts, Medicaid planning, and protecting assets from long-term care costs. We can help you leave a legacy, provide for your family, and protect what you have worked so hard for. Learn more about our services below.

Wills, Trusts, & Estate PlanningWills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

In Massachusetts, everyone should have a Will, but for high-income-earning and high-net-worth families, it is critical. It’s just that simple. Without a Will, you are leaving a mess for your family, including months to even years of waiting for distributions, additional probate costs, susceptibility to creditors’ claims, estate taxes, and more. Estate taxes alone can go into six figures if you don't plan! A proper estate plan is a must, especially for people with families and young children.

Do you need to consider tools other than a Last Will and Testament to protect your assets? Our attorneys, will discuss all of your options with you and guide you in selecting the estate planning tools that will best help you meet your goals and protect your wealth. Get the peace of mind you deserve and protect your hard-earned assets for the next generation with an estate plan from Monteforte Law, P.C.

Special Needs PlanningSpecial Needs Planning

As a parent, your biggest concern is ensuring the long-term welfare of your children. But, when it comes to children with special needs and disabilities, the planning process can be complex and challenging. It's important to understand that these children have increased financial and care needs and proper planning is necessary to secure their future.

At our law firm, we understand the complexities of special needs planning and can guide you through the process of setting up a Special Needs Trust. We know that the future of your loved one is at stake, and we are committed to helping you secure their future.

Remember, only an experienced attorney should be handling special needs matters. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complex world of special needs planning and ensure that your loved one's future is protected. Contact us today to schedule a Strategic Planning Session and take the first step in securing your child's future. Creating a comprehensive special needs plan is critical for families with a special needs family member. It provides peace of mind and financial security for the future. To help families navigate this complex process, we created a Special Needs Planning Guide that we are certain will be invaluable to you! 

Estate Planning for VeteransEstate Planning for Veterans

We have great respect for the veterans that have served our country. So much so, that we wanted to be able to assist veterans with their planning needs, even though veteran’s planning is different from planning for other people. Attorney Monteforte is accredited by the VA to assist veterans in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of a claim for VA benefits. This accreditation process exists to ensure that Veterans and their family members receive appropriate representation on their VA benefits claims. Accredited lawyers are in the best position to know the ins and outs of VA benefits planning.

Medicaid MassHealth Applications & RenewalsMedicaid MassHealth Applications & Renewals

Medicaid MassHealth Applications: Don't try to go it alone. An application for Long-Term Care benefits through MassHealth is technical, cumbersome, and time-consuming. Even if you think you have too much money to qualify, you might be surprised.

Sadly, it's you against them and they have the government's time, money, and resources behind them. Get a specialized attorney to help you with this application. We have a 100% success rate with Medicaid MassHealth applications. Do NOT try to tackle it yourself, or the result can be disastrous. We can help.

Elder Law & Long-Term Care PlanningElder Law & Long-Term Care Planning

Elder law is a very challenging and specialized field. The rules are constantly changing, making the laws even more difficult to navigate. Legal advice and legal documents have to change with the times and creating effective estate plans and Medicaid plans hinge on one’s ability to think critically, be imaginative, and problem-solve.

There are many times when we see clients getting ready to enter a family member into nursing home care, and we tell them they should have come to see us five years ago! Let us help you plan for the future before it’s too late. We will take a look at a variety of options for you, including estate planning, protection of assets, irrevocable living Trusts, and Medicaid planning and applications. Contact Monteforte Law, P.C. today.

Wealth Preservation PlanningWealth Preservation Planning

Our firm focuses on higher net worth individuals because they are the ones who benefit most from our unique and customized services. The clients that can derive the most benefit from our recommendations and panning tools are clients that have amassed a certain level of wealth and assets. That level of assets brings unique challenges, like estate taxes and gifting to the next generation. We are one of the most sought-after firms in Massachusetts because we are best in class at meeting those challenges.


If a loved one passes away without a proper estate plan, you may be looking at a complicated legal process known as probate or estate administration. This is a court-managed process through which the deceased’s assets are managed and distributed. Even if your loved one had a Last Will and Testament, you will likely still have to go through the probate process to some degree. The process is confusing and time-consuming. Let us take it off of your plate.

Business Formation & SuccessionBusiness Formation & Succession

Our Firm offers a variety of business services, including business entity formation (for-profit and non-profit businesses), business succession planning, Buy/Sell Agreements, and estate planning for business owners. How do you know what type of entity to form? Should it be an LLC? Corporation? Put our experience to work for you. We’ve found that estate planning for business owners is among the most important, and most misunderstood, planning there is. It’s easy to screw up if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you do it right, it’s among the most rewarding work that we do, and it often has the biggest impact on the client and their families – the potential to help our business-owner clients and their families in a huge way.

Guardianship & ConservatorshipGuardianship & Conservatorship

To succeed in becoming someone's guardian, you need a specialist by your side. Taking over someone's financial and personal affairs is one of the most serious things the court can do. We have seen the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer's and these people need help. Time and time again we have seen clients try to do it themselves, only to have their petitions denied by the court. Now they are back at square one and have lost a lot of time and money. 

Let us do it correctly for you, the first time. 

Nos preocupamos por proteger su legado y a su familiaNos preocupamos por proteger su legado y a su familia

Nuestra oficina se centra en las personas con mayores fortunas porque son las que más se benefician de nuestros servicios únicos y personalizados. Los clientes que más pueden beneficiarse de nuestras recomendaciones y herramientas de planificación son los que han acumulado un cierto nivel de riqueza y bienes. Ese nivel de bienes presenta dificultades únicas, como los impuestos sobre la herencia y la donación a la siguiente generación. Somos una de las oficinas más solicitadas de Massachusetts porque somos los mejores a la hora de resolver esos problemas.  

Strategic Planning SessionStrategic Planning Session

Our Strategic Planning Session is your first meeting with us! At Monteforte Law, we take the time to get to know you and your specific situation, no matter how complicated. We do this before your session, so that when you come in, we are 100% ready to talk about you and your family. All of our clients are unique and have different needs. Our attorneys are here to listen to you during your Strategic Planning Session. Bring all the questions you might have! We will answer them for you and make the best recommendations based on your meeting. Our attorneys explain everything thoroughly and in plain English. Depending on what is going on in your life, you will learn about obstacles that may get in your way. We make sure to protect you and your family and never leave important information from you during your session.

Community InvolvementCommunity Involvement

Monteforte Law believes in giving back. Our community means a lot to us, so we donate to multiple organizations within it. We support students, through our high school scholarship program and we support seniors through our efforts with multiple senior centers. We also support local youth organizations and youth sports, including dance, field hockey, and baseball. We often volunteer at our local library and donate to multiple organizations including Save the Manatees Club, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Alzheimer's Association, multiple chambers of commerce and their events, and Protect The Game.

Touchless Legal ServicesTouchless Legal Services

Touchless Legal Services is a way to virtually connect you to all the legal help you need! By providing virtual assistance through video conferencing, we can now consult with clients who are located in different cities or just want to stay home. At Monteforte Law, P.C. you can connect with one of our attorneys via Zoom or other video conferencing services, regardless of where you are located in Massachusetts or New Hampshire! Whether you choose to stay home or come into the office, we are here to assist you with all your estate planning and elder law needs.