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Why Specialize and limit the firm’s practice areas?:


Have you ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, but master of none”?  That phrase describes a general practice.  A specialized practice focuses on a few areas, and masters them.  We look at it like consulting a surgeon vs. your primary care doctor - when you need elbow surgery, you go to an elbow specialist. We want to be the specialist, not the primary care. We are therefore choosing to limit our practice areas to those that we can offer specialized expert service: Estate Planning, Probate of Estates, Real Estate, and Business Law. Staying up to date in these fields requires constant education, which is time-consuming and expensive.  No one can be an expert in everything.  To be an expert, we had to pick and choose our areas of specialization.



Why Elder Law & Estate Planning?:

Estate Planning and Elder law is a very challenging and specialized field.  The rules are constantly changing, making the laws even more difficult to navigate.  Legal advice and legal documents have to change with the times and based on statutory updates, so continuing education is a must.  Even with the educational requirements, creating effective estate plans hinges on one’s ability to think critically, be imaginative, and problem-solve.


Aside from the challenge, the most important aspect is being able to help my clients.  I am tired of seeing older clients, who have saved all of their lives, be deprived of sufficient elder care and the reward of passing on their money to their children and grandchildren.  In today’s world, seniors typically have to be destitute in order to qualify for Medicaid benefits.  They have to pay nearly all of their hard-earned assets over to a nursing home before qualifying for aid.  My goal is to use proper and effective estate planning techniques, such as the use of trusts, annuities, and life insurance, that enable my clients to retain some of their assets, and preserve the assets for their heirs, instead of paying them to a nursing home or Uncle Sam.


But it’s not just seniors that I’m looking to help.  Both young and middle-aged families need Wills, can often need trusts, and need to have proper life insurance tools in place.  For those that are self-employed, like myself, can use life insurance techniques to save for retirement tax-free, protect their loved ones, save for their kids’ college, or create life policies that act like a “pension” to fund retirement.  Personally, I take advantage of these tools myself, and the pension aspect is something I wish I had started contributing to much earlier in my life.


Sadly, almost everyone is lacking in this area.  People put their estate planning on the “back burner” and will “get to it later”.  Doing that is mistake, and it can be costly.  There are many times when I see clients getting ready to enter a family member into nursing home care, and I tell them that they should have come to see me five years ago!


Bottom line, no matter your age or family situation, let me help you. Helping families is why I do this work.


We offer specialized services at competitive rates.  After you have a look around, feel free to call us, or simply fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page, if you are looking for more information or would like to set up your Free Consultation.  We will contact you right away.


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Years of experience and our specialized knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions.  Don't fall for "boilerplate" website solutions that don't tailor to your specific needs.  We offer personalized service and advice to fit your specific legal issues.

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