Ready to Talk About a Plan to Protect Your Assets? Discover the Monteforte Estate Planning Difference

There is nothing more important than family. We work our entire lives to provide for our families, and it brings us a great sense of accomplishment and pride to do so. However, far too many of us fail to think about what will happen to our children, spouse, and parents if something unexpected happens to us. Without airtight estate planning documents and a plan for long-term care should it be needed, you leave yourself open to the possibility of losing your assets and leaving nothing behind for your children and grandchildren.

Attorney Michael Monteforte's family worked hard for what they had and instilled a strong work ethic in him. It was heartbreaking for him to watch his own grandparents lose most of their life savings to a nursing home when they needed long-term care. That was the moment he decided to focus his legal practice on estate planning and elder law. We are committed to helping individuals and families protect their assets, provide for their loved ones, and gain access to the long-term care they may need one day.

Estate Planning Is What I Do

Many people mistakenly believe that as long as they have a Will, their families will be taken care of should something happen to them. They may find a website, download a free form, fill it out, sign it, and think they are all set. As a firm focused on estate planning and elder law, we can assure you that this is not enough, especially if you have significant assets and strong feelings about how they should be distributed after you are gone. When you meet with one of our attorneys for your initial consultation, we will discuss which of the following services are right for you:

Based on your assets and your wishes for protecting your family, our attorneys will develop a custom plan with tailor-made documents to meet your unique needs.

Your Time Is Important to Us

We know you are busy and that is why we offer a variety of services to help you fit estate planning into your life. Many of your estate planning tasks can be accomplished through video chats, telephone conversations, online intake forms, email exchanges, and online bill payment. Of course, we also welcome clients to our convenient Woburn office. Schedule your first appointment today!

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