Do you or a family member need Long-Term Care?

Are you applying for MassHealth Long-Term Care coverage in your home or in a facility?

If so, you need an experienced attorney on your side!

Questions that you need the answers to BEFORE you apply for MassHealth.

  1. Are you an expert in Long-Term Care Benefits?
  2. What type of coverage is offered?
  3. Is there coverage for in-home care, or only facility-based care?
  4. What is a Home and Community Based Service Waiver?
  5. Are there asset limits? Are there income limits?
  6. How does MassHealth count my assets?
  7. How is my income factored in?
  8. Can my spouse keep any of my income if I need long-term care?
  9. Can I keep my house?
  10. What documentation will they ask for?
  11. Will I be penalized for the gifts I have made?
  12. What if my MassHealth application is denied?
  13. Do I have to pay all my money to the nursing home, or do I have other options?
  14. What is MassHealth screening?

Do NOT try to go it alone.

The MassHealth application for Long-Term Care is an uphill battle. It's a poker game and they got all the aces.

So how do you win?

With an experienced lawyer on your side.

We know how to handle challenges that MassHealth can make to your application.

MassHealth Application Success Rate Mike M

If the application is done correctly the first time, we understand how to respond accordingly on your behalf and many of their challenges can be avoided.

HOWEVER, if you complete the application incorrectly,

You can do irreparable harm to the person seeking benefits. Some mistakes cannot be fixed later, and opportunities for benefits, especially retroactive benefits, can be lost for good. If you make a mistake on your application, not only do you risk denial, you also can risk liens on your home.

There is just too much to navigate!

If you don't have experience with these applications, let us take this burden from you.

We take it off your plate so that you can concentrate on care for your loved one. 

For more information on our the MassHealth application, download our free report: 5 Reasons Why Your Masshealth Long-Term Care Application Will Get Rejected.

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