Are you or a loved one in need of long-term care?

Are you thinking about applying for long-term care benefits through MassHealth Medicaid? Are you hiring a lawyer to do the application for you?

Do you know the cost of long-term care?

It is a harsh reality to face, but everyone will need some form of long-term care at some point in their life. It is too much to ask your family to take care of you in your old age and to take on all the burdens that come with it. Imagine having to change your parent's diapers, or worse, your kids having to change your diapers. Chances are, you do not want your family seeing you in that state and being forced to care for you.

Here's a quick story to help put things into perspective. 

Attorney Michael Monteforte’s grandmother and grandfather were in assisted living, at a cost of close to $20k per month! After Michael’s grandfather passed away, his grandmother remained in assisted living, but their savings had been significantly depleted. Michael’s grandmother passed away in 2019, at the age of 92, and at that time, she had enough money left for only three more months in her assisted living facility. They had gone through EVERY dime they ever made in their entire lives, paying for their long-term care. That very scary fact is what brought Michael to estate planning and elder law. With proper planning, we could have protected their money, and gotten them qualified for long-term care coverage through MassHealth. To make this possible, the application has to be done right, the first time, or risk irreparable harm.

If you are looking at protecting your children, or your parents, from long-term care costs, you should start by answering the following questions. Are you:

  • Worried that you could lose all of your money to long-term care in a nursing home?
  • Afraid that your home could be lost to nursing homes and long-term care liens?
  • Trying to protect your assets for your family, instead of paying everything you’ve ever earned to a nursing home?
  • Looking to make things as easy as possible for your family if you need long-term care or pass away?
  • Trying to find a long-term care option for your parent or other family members?
  • Trying to protect your parents’ assets from long-term care?
  • Planning to apply for MassHealth Medicaid long-term care benefits?
  • Trying to navigate the complicated world of long-term care, while making sure your loved one receives the care and treatment they need?
  • Trying to figure out how to pay for long-term care?
  • Investigating whether you or a loved one is entitled to long-term care coverage?

Do any of those questions describe you or a loved one? If so, read on…

What can Monteforte Law do for you? We can:

  • Help you gather the necessary documents for your application.
  • Help you to get the necessary bank statements from your bank without the bank being able to charge you for them.
  • Complete the application the right way, the first time.
  • Preemptively search your documents for any issues, so that they can be dealt with ahead of time, and NOT after MassHealth has been reviewing the application for 60 days and then makes a challenge or a denial.
  • Deal with fair hearings and appeals.
  • Help set you up with the proper contacts for in-home care or facility-based care.
  • Take the huge burden of the application off of your shoulders, so you can focus on taking care of your loved one.
  • Use annuities and other planning tools to help you qualify, even if you think you have too much money.

​​Think you have too much money to qualify for Medicaid MassHealth long-term care? Think again! With the use of a Medicaid Compliant Annuity, we can get you qualified EVEN if you are over the MassHealth asset limit!

We can also help with MassHealth Medicaid Renewals!


Did you receive a renewal application? The government wants you to think that this application is a simple thing, and just a formality. DON'T FALL FOR IT! The truth is that a renewal application is reviewed with the same scrutiny as a brand-new application! 

In the old days, once you were approved for MassHealth Long-Term Care, the government mostly left you alone. Well, not anymore!

The long-term care program is costing more than ever and the program is trying to cut costs. This means MassHealth will disqualify you if they can. Even if you were approved years ago! They want you to take the renewal application lightly and try to do it yourself. Then, when you don't do it right, they can terminate your benefits, leaving you with all the costs of long-term care.

Don't let yourself or your family members become a casualty of a flawed and broken system! Hire an experienced attorney to do the renewal application for you.

Do not go at it alone.​ That's what they want.

MassHealth Application Success Rate Mike M

You need an experienced attorney on your side. The MassHealth application for long-term care is an uphill battle that is almost impossible to win. It is a poker game and MassHealth has all the aces. So how do you win? With an experienced lawyer on your side.

Our attorneys know how to handle the challenges and issues that MassHealth can make to your application.

If you complete the application incorrectly, you can do irreparable harm to the person seeking benefits. Some mistakes cannot be fixed later, and opportunities for benefits, especially retroactive benefits, can be lost for good. If you make a mistake on your application, not only do you risk denial, but you also can risk liens on your home. The application is something that needs to be done right, the first time. 

There are a lot of services out there that offer help but they have non-attorneys completing the application. Our attorneys are frequently called on to fix the messes made by these services when they incorrectly complete the application. Don’t fall for it! Don’t let a hospital employee or other healthcare professional do your application for you! Healthcare workers can provide amazing care, but they do not have a lawyer’s training when it comes to the application and the MassHealth regulations. 

If you do not have experience with these applications, let us take this burden from you. We take it off your plate so that you can concentrate on caring for your loved one.

Do it right the first time.

Start by downloading our free book on long-term care, The Long Game, written by Attorney Michael Monteforte himself. For more information on why your MassHealth application can be denied and why you should hire a professional for help, download our free report: 5 Reasons Why Your Masshealth Long-Term Care Application Will Get Rejected.

If you need help with an application, schedule a Strategic Planning Session today.

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