The Top 3 Mistakes Executors Make

The Top 3 Mistakes Executors Make: When you find out you've been named the Executor, here's what you need to do FIRST

Being named the executor in a family member's Will is a profound honor, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Our report, "The Top 3 Mistakes Executors Make," written by our Of-Counsel Attorney Janie Vowles, unveils the essential steps you must take immediately upon assuming this crucial role. 

About Janie

Janie specializes in handling cases where the validity of a will or the distribution of an estate is disputed. Her role involves representing clients who are either challenging or defending the last wishes and asset allocations outlined in a deceased person's will. Janie navigates these disputes and seeks resolutions for her clients. Learn more about her here.

Why You Need This Report

Discover the secrets to becoming a successful executor by learning from the experiences of others. Janie Vowles, specializing in cases where the validity of a will or the distribution of an estate is disputed, provides practical advice to help you avoid pitfalls, saving you time, stress, and potential legal fees.

What's Inside:

  • The Power of Pause: Understand why taking a moment to breathe and honor your relative is your first, crucial step.

  • Intentional Actions: Learn why intentional actions and meticulous documentation set the foundation for a smoother process.

  • Transparent Communication: Explore the significance of maintaining open communication with family members and how it can transform conflicts into collaborative efforts.

Contested Probate Case? Attorney Janie Vowles is Here to Help!

If you find yourself facing a contested probate case, our Of-Counsel Attorney Janie Vowles specializes in navigating disputes over will validity and estate distribution. Contact us at 978-961-2491 and Janie will expertly handle your case, whether you're challenging or defending the last wishes outlined in a deceased person's will. Your resolution starts with a call.

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