Cynthia Romero

Cynthia Romero

Associate Attorney
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  About Cynthia

Her Role 

Cynthia has been with Monteforte Law, P.C. since October 2022. As the Associate Attorney, Cynthia conducts Strategic Planning Sessions with potential clients and draft review meetings. She often spends her time drafting, reviewing, and editing estate planning documents. She also prepares MassHealth Medicaid applications, handles appeals, and assists with the probate process.

Favorite Part Of Her Job

Cynthia's favorite part about her job is that she has the ability to learn something she is passionate about. She also enjoys working with all the great people here at Monteforte Law!

Fun Facts

Something interesting about Cynthia is that she comes from an extremely large family, immediate and extended. Her dad has 25 first cousins, and her mom is one of 7 siblings. Although she has such a large family, they are all very close and tight-knit. She and her family are hilarious together because they love to joke around! Cynthia was an only child for 17 1/2 years until she got a new brother and sister!

In her free time, Cynthia enjoys watching the Harry Potter series, specifically the Goblet of Fire. The series is filled with everything imaginable, which is what makes it such a good read and so entertaining to watch! She even loves the evil characters! Harry Potter was such a big part of her childhood, which is why it is her favorite. 

When she's not watching Harry Potter, Cynthia also loves to travel. Her favorite place she visited was Puerto Rico. She recently traveled there with her friends. She said it's the coolest place she's ever been to because of the amazing beaches, clear water, and nightlife. She also really enjoyed learning about the historical moments and people of Puerto Rico, which was empowering.


Cynthia is from Methuen, Massachusetts, and graduated from Central Catholic Highschool in 2010. 

She attended undergrad at Worcester State University and graduated in 2014. She majored in Business Administration and minored in Sociology. After graduating, Cynthia attended law school at Massachusetts School of Law and graduated in 2018.