Danielle Hitchcock

Danielle Hitchcock

Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney
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About Danielle

Her Role

Danielle has been with Monteforte Law, P.C. since February 2023. As the Associate Attorney, Danielle conducts Strategic Planning Sessions with potential clients and draft review meetings. She often spends her days in the office drafting, reviewing, and editing estate planning documents. She also prepares MassHealth Medicaid applications, handles appeals, and assists with the probate process. Danielle will be taking clients at our Norwell location!

Favorite Part Of Her Job

Problem-solving is Danielle's favorite part of the job. She loves the challenge of taking a set of facts and finding the best solution. Even as a young child she has always loved word problems. The need to hear a story and find the “answer” has been with her, her entire life.

Why She Does This Work

"I have had several losses that led me to be a part of different grief resources. I have seen people at their most vulnerable. To watch people trying to help themselves, their spouse, their child, or their parent navigate through grief, while also dealing with the unexpected financial and legal burdens a loss can bring is heartbreaking. I can say “I am sorry for your loss” and “Let me know if you need anything” just like everyone else, but there is also something else I can offer. I can offer solutions. I can carry some of that weight for these people. I can help them deal with probate or possibly set up their own estate plan so they can have peace in knowing they will never leave their loved ones in a similar situation."

Fun Facts

Something interesting about Danielle is that years ago, she took the skydiving certification course and made 14 skydives, including several solos! These days she doesn't even love flying in planes, never mind jumping out of them!

When Danielle wasn't jumping out of planes, she loved to teach kids how to cook. Back when she was in college and law school she opened her own business with a friend teaching children’s cooking classes and camps. Ultimately, it was not a career choice for her, but a great experience at the time! 

Danielle is also a big dog lover! I mean, who isn't? She has always had big dogs, however, a few years ago, her daughters convinced her to get a Pomsky which is half Siberian husky and half Pomeranian. “Moose” is a whopping 20lbs and has turned out to be Danielle's favorite thing; he is a total brat, but she still loves him to death; so much so, that she got a second one, and is even thinking about getting a third! 


Danielle went to Weymouth High School and graduated in 1992.

She then went on to attend Bridgewater State College and graduated in 1998 with a B.A. in Psychology. After getting her bachelor's degree, Danielle attended Suffolk University Law School, and graduated in 2004, with a J.D.