Tatum Tipton

Tatum Tipton

  • Monteforte Law, P.C.
  • 300 TradeCenter, Suite 5640, Woburn, MA 01801
  • 978-657-7437

About Tatum

Her Role

Tatum has been with Monteforte Law, P.C. since July of 2021. As a paralegal, her main job is to assist our attorneys with work. She often spends her days speaking with clients, recording information, and helping create estate plans. She also conducts many signing meetings as well as draft review meetings with our clients. Tatum is also responsible for spearheading trust funding. 

Favorite Part Of Her Job

Tatum's favorite part about work is the people she gets to work with! She feels that everyone in our office is so friendly and supportive, and our employees' personalities seem to just work together really well. While the work itself is rewarding, having good co-workers makes coming to work that much more enjoyable for her. 

Fun Facts

Something interesting about Tatum is that she has lived in four different states! Due to her wife Stephanie's career in the Air Force, they have moved a lot. Tatum has lived in Illinois, Colorado, Texas, and now Massachusetts!

While she has lived in many states, she has not had a chance to travel the world as much as she would have liked to. With that being said, the coolest place she has ever been to was Rome, Italy. She loved the culture, food, and history that the country had to offer. She even said she teared up when she saw the Colosseum and the Italian wine was not to blame!

One fun tradition Tatum has in her family is that she and her wife enjoy sharing experiences rather than giving each other gifts for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Because of this, she and her wife have visited 23 states and 5 countries together! They have also attended over a hundred concerts and countless live theater and sporting events. Sometimes they plan these experiences together, but other times they like to surprise each other. Tatum's favorite surprise was a trip to San Fransico, CA. 

When Tatum is not traveling the United States, she enjoys going to football games. Her favorite team is the Green Bay Packers - don't worry everyone else in the office likes the Patriots! While Tatum does not have a favorite TV show, she will watch just about anything. She likes sitcoms, crime dramas, documentary miniseries, cooking shows, you name it! The catch is, she will not watch anything more than once though. 


Tatum grew up in Belleville, Illinois. After high school, she received an Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies degree from Southwestern Illinois College in 2013. 

After a brief hiatus, she decided to return to school and she is currently enrolled in her final class at Framingham State University, where she is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society and she anticipates receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies in December 2021.