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Jacob Snyder

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About Jacob

First, Why Do I Do This?

My very first trial was a fight over one ring – costume jewelry valued at less than $300. My client was the granddaughter who had been given a ring and our adversary was her relative who thought the ring belonged to her. Theirs was not the only fight; unfortunately, nearly every person in the family had a claim to something, down to the doilies on the wall. One of the attorneys involved in the matter was also a distant relative and had a personal stake in the case. It was a huge, ugly mess. At one point the Judge (who has since retired) stood up at the bench and lashed out at everyone in the courtroom. He said, “If my family ever fights over my property the way you people are, I will roll over in my grave. Shame on you all.” It was eye-opening. For the record, I won, but it didn’t feel good. I doubt the family members are on speaking terms to this day.

What I learned is that the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” applies very well to estate planning. Doing nothing appears to have no cost, but it is actually very expensive. Beyond the additional hurdles and paperwork in probate court and the legal fees incurred when families fight over assets, there are costs that I was not even aware of when I first started down this path, namely estate taxes. Especially in Massachusetts where any estate over $1 million is taxable. The threshold is painfully low, and the cost-benefit of avoiding them skews heavily in favor of paying for an estate plan. The tax on an estate valued at just one dollar over the threshold is over $33k. I realized that I could benefit people a lot more than just avoiding in-fighting, I could help people keep several thousands of dollars in the hands of their children.

And at Monteforte Law PC, that is exactly what I do. I bring years of experience as an expert estate planner to this firm, and together we are helping clients, whether it be for tax savings or simple peace of mind. We also specialize in elder law, drafting trusts to protect the family home from Medicaid collections, and successfully fighting MassHealth to approve Medicaid long-term care applications.

Favorite Part Of My Job

My favorite part of my job is being part of a team! Everyone at the firm is great to work with and makes my job so much easier and so much fun! I also really like the awesome fish tank that sits right outside my office.

Fun Facts

The coolest place I ever traveled to was Cusco, Peru. I went there with my wife, Jennifer. While we were there, we learned about an earthquake that struck Cusco in the '50s, and later that evening while we were sleeping in our hotel, an earthquake hit, and just for a small moment, we thought it might be the end! Luckily, it wasn't and the rest of our trip was amazing. 

Now my family and I spend our free time traveling in our RV. We try to take one big camping trip at least once a year! Every year we go somewhere new and check out different sites in hopes that we find "the one".

Another fun fact about me is that I play the drums! I have been playing the drums since I was seven years old, and now I play at local clubs in a few different bands. I also enjoy watching anime with my son, Victor, at night. We have a few favorites, but right now it is between Naruto and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.  


I graduated from Tecumseh Highschool in Lynnville, IN. After that, I attended the University of Evansville as a chemistry major but only went for a year and a half until I changed my mind! Ultimately, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a major in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Then, I attended New England School of Law, aka New England Law Boston, and graduated in May 2008. 

I was sworn into the Massachusetts Bar in June 2009.