5 Step ProcessOur streamlined 5-step process requires fewer in-person appointments, which means fewer trips to the office for you, less time consumed out of your day, and an easier, faster result!

1.  Strategic Planning SessionBook your strategic planning session. Prepare for it by gathering any existing documents and filling out your intake form, as well as bringing any questions you may have.

2. Recommendations Letter: After your Strategic Planning Session, one of our attorneys will send a recommendation letter to you. This letter makes sure your goals are being met and may provide different options to choose from. You will receive this recommendations letter within 2 weeks after your Strategic Planning Session.

3. Choose an Option: After reviewing your recommendation letter, you will choose an option that best fits your situation then you will be sent hiring documents. Once your retainer is signed and paid, we will get started on your draft documents.

4. Draft Documents: Once your draft documents are completed, they will be sent to you via mail or Clio Connect for your review. You can request changes as you see necessary. A video or phone call appointment can be scheduled to go over any changes if you would like.

5. Signing Appointment: Lastly, a signing appointment will be scheduled once there are no more changes to be made. This appointment can be in-office or via video call. If you chose a video call, final documents will be mailed to you before the signing date.

Introducing Touchless Legal Services! 

touchless legal services

We are now offering all of our legal services, from start to finish, using video. You can get all the legal help you need, without ever having to come into the office! This service is available to you at no extra cost but provides the extra safety you may be looking for.

Want to come into the office? No problem! 

For those who prefer the face to face interaction, we have new safety procedures to accomplish that.

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