10 Damaging Mistakes ReportThe most common mistakes that affluent families make with their financial and estate planning

In part 1 of this report, Jonathan Harding, Wealth Manager at Heritage Financial, discusses the top 5 mistakes he has seen happen to affluent people with their financial planning. Many retirees assume they will make the right choices in retirement just as they did in their working years. However, the truth is that there are many potential missteps that can drastically impact the success of your retirement years.

Part 2 dives into estate planning by hearing from Attorney Michael Monteforte, Jr., CEO & Managing Attorney at Monteforte Law, P.C. Estate planning can be complicated, and there are lots of ways people make mistakes, which can lead to heavy tolls down the road. This is especially true with high-income earners or high-net-worth families. Michael discusses the top 5 mistakes he has seen happen to affluent people with their estate planning. 

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