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Starting your estate planning can often feel overwhelming. Even though planning for your future is essential, it can be a difficult topic to think about and understand. That is why our managing attorney and CEO, Attorney Michael Monteforte, Jr. created this 5-part estate planning video seminar! The idea of this email seminar is to help inform and educate people on the basics of estate planning in plain English. This email seminar will help you get an understanding of what every estate plan should include and it will cover the differences between a Will and a Trust.

Here’s what we cover in this 5-day seminar:

  • Day 1: The requirements (and pitfalls) of a Last Will and Testament.
  • Day 2: The importance of a Health Care Proxy.
  • Day 3: The importance of having a valid and detailed Power of Attorney
  • Day 4: The basics of 5 different types of Trusts and what they do.
  • Day 5: How to activate your Trust using "Trust Funding".

The benefit of this 5-part email seminar is that you can sign up anytime and watch the videos at your own pace, on your own time! Each video is around 5 minutes long, making it quick and easy to watch.

Since education is one of our core values at Monteforte Law, we strive to take the complexity of estate planning and turn it into simple concepts that make it easy to understand.

Even if you are not ready to start your planning, this video seminar will help you understand how to protect your family, and your assets and pass on your legacy for generations. 

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