Planning Ahead

Have you protected your family from the burden of estate taxes should you pass away? Should you put your home in your kids' names? Is your children’s inheritance protected from greedy ex-wives or ex-husbands if they ever divorce? Who will take care of your aging parents, and how?

Find the answers to these questions, and much more in our free book, Planning Ahead, written by Attorney Michael Monteforte. This valuable, free book explains in plain language everything you need to know to protect your income and your assets. 

In this book, you will discover:

  • The truth about long-term care costs, how to pay them, and how to protect your assets from Medicaid liens
  • How to protect your children and your aging parents
  • How to not give your money away to the IRS or state government
  • The three biggest mistakes that even lawyers make, and how you can avoid them
  • Three questions to ask any potential attorney before you hire them
  • How to reduce or eliminate the huge taxes on your assets in the event of your death
  • The five most important documents that everyone needs to make sure their family is taken care of
  • How to protect your home and assets from nursing homes and long-term care costs
  • The smart way to pay for long-term care

This is book is a MUST READ for Massachusetts residents!

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