The “Big 3” Of Wealth Preservation Planning

Lots of clients ask us “What is Wealth Preservation Planning”? At its core, the goal of Wealth Preservation Planning is protecting assets and keeping assets where you want them, while planning for the future and minimizing estate taxes. Wealth Preservation Planning also looks at the nature of your specific assets, whether you have cash, real estate, run a business, or all of the above. Wealth Preservation Planning doesn’t just look at “today.” It looks toward the future as well, and how your assets might be viewed in the future when it comes to things like estate taxes and long-term care. We don’t do “estate planning”, at least not in the traditional sense. That’s because estate planning is narrowly focused on “what if I die,” and while that’s a valid concern, we look beyond today and even tomorrow.

In this report, you will learn about the three documents that are the most important parts of your Wealth Preservation Plan. These Big 3 documents form the center of the puzzle, with all other pieces working around them. Don't leave your family to deal with lengthy and expensive probate petitions, or applying for guardianships with the court. Don't force your family to guess at your wishes for health care decisions without any guidance - make your wishes known.

Get your Big 3 in order! Monteforte Law, P.C. will put your plan in place, make the process easy and convenient, and relieve your loved ones of added stress, time, and costs.

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