The Dangers of the

Do simple Wills work? In the right circumstances, they absolutely do. So, should you buy a "simple Will" from a lawyer? Or use an online service? Educate yourself and don’t throw your hard-earned money away! Sometimes, "simple" works, and can be the right fit for you, but how do you know? Start by being wary, and as the questions that Attorney Michael Monteforte lays out in this report. Review this information before paying for any type of plan!

Take caution - Buyer Beware: Internet services and estate planning dabblers will try to sell you a cheap Will or estate package, which is usually not even worth the paper it is printed on! Do not fork over your hard-earned money for poorly-written junk.

An estate planning lawyer can help you navigate the world of estate planning. Hire a lawyer that you trust and want to work with. Then, listen to him or her. Attorney Michael Monteforte likes to remind his clients that we don’t tell a plumber how to fix the pipes – we rely on his or her expertise. In the same way, you should let your lawyer tell you what best fits your situation. Hire an expert, and listen to that expert.

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