Seems like this is all I see in the news lately - scams against the elderly, abuse of the elderly, on and on.

Here is a great article I read on Patch. Read it HERE.

These scams come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from impersonating the IRS, to phony requests for money from family members. People suffering from dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer's Disease are of particular risk! People suffering from these symptoms often forget that they gave money to these scam artists. If these scammers realize that the victim has memory issues, and can get someone to fall for this once, they keep calling back, day after day! I had a client who fell victim to the same scam, over and over again, because she didn't remember she paid the scammer the day before. Please be vigilant. Do NOT pay these people, and don't take calls from numbers you don't recognize. Tell your parents and grandparents about this! 

Michael Monteforte, Jr.
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ahmad aleem 11/12/2021 11:23 AM
Hello, Your article is very useful for me and I also shared your article with my Friends. And I also cover the topics related to Dementia. Thanks for Sharing your Knowledge and thoughts.
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