special needs planning

In this success story, the family is a married couple in their 30s with two children under 18. One of their children has special needs, and the family's total combined net worth is $1.5 million. Their assets encompass a family home, retirement accounts, and investment portfolios.

The couple faces several significant challenges. First and foremost, they are concerned about providing long-term financial security and care for their child with special needs. They have a strong desire to protect their assets and ensure that their child's future needs are met, all while avoiding compromising eligibility for government benefits. Additionally, they have uncertainties about how to plan for their child's financial well-being after they are no longer able to provide for them.

To address these challenges, we did a comprehensive assessment of the family's financial situation. This assessment included an evaluation of the anticipated costs associated with caring for their child with special needs over the child's lifetime. Following this assessment, we set up a Special Needs Trust specifically tailored to the unique needs of their child. This trust was designed to ensure that the child's eligibility for government benefits would not be jeopardized while safeguarding the family's assets and providing for the child's future financial well-being.

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