Our Strategic Planning Session is the first step in our process! It's where we get to know each other to see if we are a good fit.

The SPS Difference

At Monteforte Law, we take the time to get to know you and your specific situation, no matter how complicated. We specialize in helping moderate to high-income earning individuals and moderate to high-net-worth families (Not sure if that’s you? Go HERE to find out!) plan for their families, future, and legacies. All of our clients are unique and have different needs, however, through our many years of representing moderate to high-earning individuals and moderate to high-net-worth families, we have become adept at creating the best solutions for affluent clients.

Our attorneys are here to listen to your questions and concerns so bring all the questions you have! We will answer them for you and make the best recommendations for you and your family. Our attorneys explain everything thoroughly and in plain English. You will learn about obstacles that moderate to higher-net-worth families face and the best ways to counter those obstacles. We will discuss your concerns, as well as our concerns – while we will be sure to answer all of your questions, we will also address the questions that you may have not even thought to ask.

We specialize in estate planning for the moderate to affluent – it’s vastly different from the “everyone needs a Will” point of view. Our plans are customized for moderate to higher-net-worth families. You don’t want an attorney that doesn’t specialize in YOU!

Our Strategic Planning Session is much different from the so-called “free consultations” that other law firms try to sell you on. That’s because a free consult is free for a reason – it’s not worth anything. The attorney isn’t putting value on his or her time because the “free consult” doesn’t have any value and is not productive. In reality, it’s your time that is wasted. It's a one-hour meeting where they spend the first half-hour asking you for your name and address and phone number information and then gathering information without really telling you anything. Some of the time might be spent answering questions but for the most part, the attorney knows virtually nothing about you and hasn’t planned for the meeting at all. 

I know this because I did free consults for years and figured out that there had to be a better way! The SPS is that better way!” - Attorney Michael Monteforte.

The process starts before you even meet us!

To ensure, that no time is wasted in the meeting, all of your basic information is provided to us ahead of time, either via telephone or our secure encrypted online intake forms. With this information in hand, our attorneys can review it and work on recommendations before you even step in the door! 

When you schedule your appointment with us, we will provide you with detailed information and written materials, including Attorney Monteforte’s published books. These materials will be mailed to you, at no cost, prior to your session so you are able to take your time and read more about how we can help you.

During your Strategic Planning Session, 

Your Strategic Planning Session is where we get to know you and talk about solutions that protect your assets and protect your family. We use the Monteforte Law Wealth Preservation System™, created by Attorney Monteforte, to create the right plan for you.

What it all boils down to is that we solve problems. We solve the problems that you know you have, as well as the ones you might not know you have. 

Our attorney will present specific solutions to you during the meeting and explain the reasons behind them. After being presented with a clear strategy for your estate plan, you will have an opportunity to hire our firm. That strategy will include all flat-rate pricing. No surprises. We can’t say the same for most attorneys!

Most clients hire us at the end of the meeting so that we can get started immediately! 

Have existing documents in your back pocket that may need some review?

Also included with your session is the attorney's review of any existing estate planning documents that you have! You will provide those documents to us ahead of time so the attorney can review them before your meeting. Then, during your session, the attorney will be ready to talk about the pros and cons of those documents. 

Our Custom Solutions

Our estate plans are customized specifically for you and your family. Our expertise is in helping high-net-worth clients with a variety of problems. What problems do we solve? Here are some examples – we will help you to:

  • Securely pass on your assets to your children or other beneficiaries, either all at once or over a period. We will create a plan that keeps your children from wasting money by spacing out distributions.
  • Keep Uncle Sam’s hands out of your pocket and minimize estate taxes. Without proper planning, the government will take a BIG bite out of the nest egg you are trying to pass on to your family.
  • Name guardians for your underage children.
  • Provide for children of a previous marriage or relationship to make sure they get their share and can’t be disinherited by a current spouse.
  • Keep a vacation home or rental property in the family for future generations.
  • Provide for a loved one with special needs, to make sure they are cared for while maximizing government benefits.
  • Keep your child’s spouse from taking your child’s inheritance in a divorce.
  • Pass on your business either when you retire, if you passed away, or sell it at your passing and provide the profit to your loved ones.
  • Maximize your veteran’s benefits to get the most out of what you have earned with your service.
  • Protect your home and other assets from long-term care costs and nursing homes.
  • Pass on your wealth while avoiding the long and expensive probate process and making it easier on your loved ones.
  • Position your assets now so that you can qualify for long-term care benefits in the future, instead of spending your life’s savings on nursing home care.

We can solve these problems and accomplish these goals! We can also save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes, also known as death taxes. 

Our pledge is that no matter the cost of your estate plan, we will save you at least 5 times that in estate taxes and protected assets. We’ve never seen another attorney make a similar promise.

We do not offer canned solutions where each client walks away with the same thing. Our packages are designed to accommodate your family, your finances, and your specific goals. Whether your goals are to minimize taxes, pass wealth down to the next generation, or protect your home from long-term care costs, our documents are custom-tailored to you. No two families are the same, and no two estate plans are the same. We thrive on finding solutions to accomplish your goals.

- During your session, you will receive a proposal with recommendations that our attorneys personally create for you and that best fit your needs.

- At the conclusion of your session, you can officially hire our firm. We only take on so many new clients per month, so this is the best way to lock in your spot.

To schedule your Strategic Planning Session, please call our office at 

978-657-7437, or schedule online!

Please note: You will receive a wider range of availability if you schedule by phone.

Introducing Touchless Legal Services! 

We are now offering all of our legal services using video conferencing. You can get all the legal help you need, without having to come into the office! This service is available to you at no extra cost but provides the convenience you may be looking for.

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