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Mike's Mic - Succeeding as a Business Owner

In this new episode, Attorney Michael Monteforte, CEO and Managing Attorney, sits down with Thomas Puthanangady, a Professional EOS Implementer. Together, they delve into the secrets of success for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Thomas brings over 30 years of business and 22+ years of senior leadership experience to the table and shares his expertise in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Michael and Thomas discuss the strategies and tactics that have helped Monteforte Law, P.C. succeed in a highly competitive industry. With over 30 years of business experience and a proven track record of success, Thomas shares his expertise on how to lead effectively and gain traction in your business.

Our firm has been dramatically impacted by Thomas' expertise and experience with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). With Thomas' guidance, we have been able to confront issues head-on and achieve accountability everywhere, all the time. Thomas' simple, yet proven operating system has enabled us to strengthen each key component of our business and achieve success.

Listen to this episode of Mike's Mic to hear them discuss topics such as:

  • How to succeed as a business owner.
  • The importance of accountability in business.
  • The methods Thomas uses to help entrepreneurs succeed.
  • Michael's journey as an estate planning expert and business owner.
  • And more!

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn from two of the best in their respective fields. Tune in to "Mike's Mic" to hear more about our journey and how Thomas' strategies have significantly helped our firm succeed. From estate planning to business growth, we cover it all. Join us on this informative and inspiring podcast/webinar episode!

If you're a business owner or CEO looking to improve your business, we highly recommend reaching out to Thomas. You can contact him by calling him at 508-667-5036, or by emailing him at [email protected]. You can also visit his website here!

Thomas is ready to help you take your business to the next level and achieve the success you deserve.

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