Did you know that nearly two out of three adults have not created an estate plan?

estate planning strategiesWhen done correctly, an estate plan can help anyone minimize taxes, protect assets, appoint guardians for minor children, care for families in the event of incapacity, and pass assets on to the next generation.

If you are interested in learning more about estate planning and its benefits, we invite you to read the newly released second edition of Estate Planning Strategies: Collective Wisdom, Proven Techniques of WealthCounsel Attorneys. Written as a complete resource for the public, this book touches on all aspects of estate planning—from incapacity, tax minimization, and charitable giving, to retirement and business succession planning. 

Attorney Michael Monteforte, Jr. is one of seventy contributors to the book, and he is honored to offer his knowledge and experience in estate planning and elder law. His chapter, which you can find on page 143, touches on the importance of keeping your estate plan updated.

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