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As some of you already know, Monteforte Law is moving! As of September 1st, 2020 we will be located at 400 TradeCenter, Suite 6890, Woburn MA 01801. 

If you read our last blog, you saw our new office space. 

We figured it was time to show you an update!

Since our last blog, Mike has been hard at work renovating our new space! First up, our accent walls. It took a bit of time to decide what we were going to do but finally, we decided on some wooden walls! There will be one in Mike's office and one in our new waiting area. 

Of course, it took a lot of work to get this done. Naturally, Mike brought in the whole family to help! See the pictures of him, and his daughter Gabby, and his son Mikey working on the walls!

moving blog walls

Next was building furniture!

Once again, Mike had his son, Mikey, come in to help with this tedious job! 

Building Desks

 Nicole's daughter, Leah, loved the final product!


In addition to these changes, we have been working on some new office decor ideas! Our waiting area will be revamped, along with our conference room. Do you have any input on how we should decorate? Comment on the bottom of this blog with your ideas!

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