High-End Caregiving: Navigating EPOCH's Transformational Dementia Care Facilities

High-End Caregiving: Navigating EPOCH's Transformational Dementia Care Facilities

In this episode, Attorney Michael Monteforte dives into the evolving landscape of dementia care with Sarah Turcotte, Area Community Liaison for EPOCH Senior Living, a premier independent and assisted living facility. Discover how EPOCH is pioneering new ways to maximize the quality of life for residents, offering innovative programs and support that set a new standard in care.

At Monteforte Law, we understand the unique challenges families face when choosing a facility that offers premium independent or assisted living. Navigating the complexities of dementia care requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond legal support. That's why we proudly recommend EPOCH Senior Living as a valuable resource for our clients.

About EPOCH Senior Living

EPOCH Senior Living is renowned for crafting unique solutions tailored to each senior's journey with dementia. Their approach to personalized dementia care ensures a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for residents. From assisting with daily living activities to offering respite care, EPOCH's dedicated caregivers focus on maintaining an exceptional quality of life.

Through innovative programs, comprehensive support, and a compassionate approach, EPOCH Senior Living is transforming dementia care, honoring the dignity and individuality of every resident.

Meet Sarah Turcotte, Area Community Liaison for EPOCH Senior Living

Discover the inspiring journey of Sarah Turcotte, who, after experiencing the challenges of dementia care at a young age, dedicates her life to helping elders maximize their quality of life. By delving into Sarah’s journey, the episode aims to inspire and educate on the possibilities of premium senior living that offers educational programs and support groups.

Ready to Listen?

Tune in to the podcast and gain insights into how EPOCH Senior Living is transforming the landscape of dementia care.

You can contact EPOCH Senior Living today to learn more about their services and how they can assist your loved one. Contact Sarah at 781-330-9424 or visit their website [https://www.epochsl.com/]

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