How to write legacy letters

In this webinar and podcast, Attorney Michael Monteforte sits down with Jay Sherwin to discuss legacy letters and their importance. A legacy letter is a written document, that is shared with friends and family either before or after the end of your life. It captures who you are, what matters most to you, and allows you to reflect on your life experiences and transmit your values and life lessons to future generations.

Jay Sherwin is a Life Review Adviser, who created the Life Reflections Project. The goal of the project is to help people transmit their values, wisdom, life lessons, and blessings to their children, grandchildren and future generations through a legacy letter. During this podcast and webinar, Jay and Michael discuss information on the value of creating a legacy letter, what you should include in your letter, and the steps you can take to begin the writing process.

Jay offers courses, workshops and other public presentations to educate audiences about legacy writing and works with individual clients to help them develop and complete a legacy letter.

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