Posted on Apr 22, 2020

Health Care Proxy's are very important, especially during these uncertain times. Not sure what a Health Care Proxy is? Watch Mike's video to learn how important it is to have.

Nursing homes are on lock-down, with no visitation at all. They have the right to refuse to provide updates to families about their loved ones' medical conditions or the decision making process, UNLESS the patient has a Health Care Proxy.  We are hearing from many clients that are experiencing this issue with their loved ones. 

We want to help so you can help your loved ones.

It usually takes about 4-8 weeks to receive this important document, but any Massachusetts resident that books their Strategic Planning Session will get their Health Care Proxy right away! You will get the chance to receive your HCP even before your Strategic Planning Session, as long as the fee of $299 is paid and the intake form is submitted. Learn more about the Strategic Planning Session here.

Our goal is to do 100 Health Care Proxy's in the next 4 weeks, so book your Strategic Planning session today by calling us at (978) 657-7437 or booking your session online so we can help you and your loved ones today! 

To learn more about the THREE important documents you shouldn't live (or die) without, download Mike's report here!



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