Posted on Apr 04, 2019

elder abuse

This is becoming all too common. When I look for articles to post, I keep coming up with nursing home abuse! 

Here's an article from USA Today regarding mistreatment in VA Nursing Homes

According to USA Today, incidents of harm and abuse to VA residents were found in 25 states, including Massachusetts.  For example, the article states:

"In Bedford, Massachusetts, inspectors concluded veterans were in “immediate jeopardy” because a resident with dementia who was physically unable to hold, light or extinguish a cigarette was allowed to go outside to smoke by himself.

And it wasn’t the first time – he previously had returned with burn holes in his clothing and on the seat cushion of his wheelchair."

Again, I can't express my disgust any more than I already have. But at least, if I keep publishing it, more and more people will see it. These people are veterans, who served in this country. We need to do right by them.

This cant continue to happen! If you're concerned about nursing home abuse for one of your loved ones, please check out this article on the signs of nursing home abuse.