Buried items in Trump’s budget call for changes to Medicare

About 115 pages into President Trump’s proposed 2021 budget are two line items that Medicare beneficiaries might want to take note of.

While the president’s proposals pertaining to Medicare are largely aimed at behind-the-scenes shifts — i.e., lowering reimbursement rates to providers and rooting out waste or fraud — the budget also includes changes that would make it easier for older Americans to opt-out of Medicare and would allow recipients to put money in tax-advantaged accounts earmarked for health-care costs.

Trump’s budget is essentially a rundown of administration priorities and goals versus a mandate, and any changes in funding or to the program would need to make it through Congress. And while details are slim regarding either of these changes — and how they would interact with existing rules — here’s the gist of the two-line items (which are found under the heading “Reduce government-imposed burden in Medicare”).


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Michael Monteforte, Jr.
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