Posted on Mar 17, 2020

Lawyer of Distinction

The Lawyers of Distinction is pleased to announce that Michael Monteforte Jr. Esq. of Wilmington, MA, has been certified as a member.  The Lawyers of Distinction is recognized as the fastest-growing community of distinguished lawyers in the United States. Members are accepted based upon objective evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications, license, reputation, experience, and disciplinary history.  Please see for further details concerning membership qualification.  

“I simply do this work because of my family - specifically, my grandparents. Although they are no longer with us, their memory is a constant reminder to me about why I chose this field.

When my firm was still new, my grandparents (to me, Nanny & Papa) decided it would be best to move into an assisted living facility. My grandfather was starting to suffer from dementia, and his symptoms were worsening. It was time for them to live in a setting that offered more specialized care. As we all know, the costs of long-term care are astronomical. During this time, my family and I watched as they drained their savings in order to live comfortably and safely. 

My family kept asking me about my grandparents’ legal rights, but I was a young lawyer then, and the truth is, I didn't know the answers. I was still perfecting and honing the focus of my practice. I made a pledge to myself then, that I would become educated in the fields of elder law and estate planning. I took this opportunity to read and learn as much as I could to find some way — any way — to help my family. So, I read, and I studied, and I attended continuing legal education, so I could learn this field.

Although I was of some help to my grandparents, there wasn't much I could do at that point, because pre-planning is the key, and we were already late to the game. But that’s when I found my passion. I currently only accept cases in estate planning and elder law. While I have resources and a referral network available for clients needing other forms of legal help, my focus gives me the greatest opportunity to provide as much help as I can. 

So that's why I do it, and why I am passionate about it. By helping others, in some small way, it's like I'm helping my grandparents too, and hopefully making them proud. We lost my grandfather in 2017, and my grandmother in 2019. My grandfather left me a ring when he passed away, and I keep it in a display case in my office, where I can see it every day. And it's not just the ring; my office is filled with gifts and decorations they gave me when I was first starting out and could barely afford to pay the rent. A long time has passed since then, but I can look at these items - the ring, the nameplate on my desk, various trinkets - and feel the joy of when they were still here. They were also at the forefront of my mind when I created our firm's Core Values. 

People come to me in trying times. They, or their parents, saved all this money, and now they worry they may lose it to the costs associated with later-life care. And when I tell them I can help them; the weight falls off their shoulders. That's the best part of my day.”

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Michael Monteforte, Jr.
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People come to me in trying times and when I tell them I can help them, the weight falls off their shoulders.