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Our Recent Court Success Against MassHealth

I recently got the chance to beat up on MassHealth in court, and we achieved an amazing victory! It’s part of our commitment to fighting tirelessly for our clients, especially against daunting adversaries like MassHealth. They like to push people around. 

This case revolved around a long-term care application filed with MassHealth, which, despite our thorough and timely submission, led to an unexpected and challenging ordeal. But I guess I should never be surprised at their actions any more – they continue to stoop lower and lower. 

The saga began when we submitted a comprehensive application for long-term care benefits on behalf of our client, expecting the usual process to unfold. However, MassHealth's response—or lack thereof—quickly veered from the standard protocol. Initially, they requested additional information to proceed with the application. This request, riddled with glaring typos, was the first indicator of the challenges ahead.  

Despite promptly addressing their concerns and submitting the requested information, what followed was a period of silence that no one could have anticipated. For months, we received no communication from MassHealth: no approval, no denial, and no further requests for information. This lack of response left our client in a state of limbo, with their crucial long-term care benefits hanging in the balance. 

Understanding the importance of these benefits to our client's well-being, we allowed a reasonable period for MassHealth to process the application and respond. However, as this period extended with no word from them, it became clear that further action was necessary. Thus, we made the decision to escalate the matter by filing a case in the Superior Court, a move that demonstrated our firm's resolve not to stand idly by when our clients' rights are at stake. 

I handled the court argument personally, and our argument was laid out with precision and clarity before the Superior Court Judge (if I do say so myself). The crux of our case was MassHealth's inaction on the application and their subsequent refusal to address it. Remarkably, during the proceedings, MassHealth's attorney attempted to deflect responsibility by claiming that our case was filed out of time. They argued that by allowing MassHealth ample time to respond, we inadvertently provided them with grounds to dismiss the case altogether. This line of argument sought to exploit our patience and consideration as a weakness, a tactic that ultimately fell flat. At one point I threw my hands up in the air, and said “You see what I’m dealing with Your Honor?” 

After presenting our case for 30 minutes, the strength of our argument became undeniable. The Judge, seeing through MassHealth's unfounded and convoluted defense, ruled in our favor. MassHealth was ordered to take immediate action on the application, a directive that represented not just a win for our client but a testament to our firm's unwavering advocacy. 

This victory is a powerful reminder of our commitment tomass justice and our readiness to confront any challenge in defense of our clients. It reinforces our belief that no entity, regardless of its size or the resources at its disposal, should be allowed to disregard the rights of individuals seeking fair treatment and due process. Our clients can rest assured that Monteforte Law will always stand against injustice, ready to fight and win battles that others might shy away from. 

MassHealth undoubtedly picked a fight with the wrong law firm this time. This case exemplifies our dedication to ensuring our clients receive the benefits and care they deserve, reaffirming our role as vigilant protectors of their rights.

At Monteforte Law, we don't just represent our clients; we champion their causes, fight their battles, and celebrate their victories as our own. This recent success against MassHealth is a beacon of our commitment to justice, a commitment as unwavering as it is resolute

Do it right the first time.

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