Janaya Bennett

Janaya Bennett

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About Janaya

Her Role

Janaya has been with Monteforte Law, P.C. since March 2022. As our Paralegal, her main job is to help our attorneys with their work. She often spends her time writing cover letters, finding deeds, writing deed descriptions, and helping with follow-up calls to current clients. She also assists with all of our MassHealth Medicaid applications.

Her Favorite Part Of Her Job

Janaya's favorite part about her job is the office environment! Since she joined the firm everyone she feels like everyone has been very nice to her, including all of the clients that she has worked with. She also loves that she is so involved with the legal work at the firm and that she is able to grow her education outside of a school environment. 

Fun Facts

One fun fact about Janaya is that her favorite animal is a french bulldog. She has two french bulldogs at home and if it were up to her she would get more! Janaya comes from a large family. She has three sisters and one brother, but she is the youngest.

Janaya is very close with her family and even traveled to Jamaica with her sister. Jamaica was her favorite place she has ever traveled to. Her great-grandfather was directly from Jamaica so she enjoyed going back to where she came from! 

When Janaya is not traveling or spending time with her family, she enjoys relaxing while watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. This is her favorite TV show because she loves all things legal and Olivia Benson is a dynamic character who gets things done!


Janaya graduated from Bishop Fenwick in Peabody in 2019. She is now currently enrolled at Suffolk University in Boston where she has a major in legal studies. Janaya hopes to become a lawyer!