Speaking up about death with dignity

I was recently invited to speak to state legislators to express my support for the death with dignity act. I am happy to say that the legislator we spoke with was very much in favor of the Act, and stated that he would vote for its passage. As long as we get more legislators on board, the bill will pass into law. This will give people the option, the choice, to make up their own minds about their passing while looking into the abyss of a terminal diagnosis. We need to catch up with other states in the country.

Why are we so far behind the rest of the world? Switzerland has already legalized assisted suicide for terminally ill people. In the US, only a few states can make the same claim. Here in Massachusetts, we support Death with Dignity, an organization whose goal is to have assisted suicide made legal in Massachusetts. Watch our podcast with Death with Dignity here.

A recent article on Yahoo News and originally from the Daily Beast talks about the new assisted suicide “pods” that will soon be available to the market. The concept is to assist with the peaceful passing of a terminally ill individual, in a setting of their choosing. There are virtual reality options, and the pod can be placed anywhere, from inside of a residence or outside somewhere in nature that the individual chooses and finds peaceful.

I know this type of pod is not for everyone. Assisted suicide of terminally ill patients can still be accomplished in one’s home, surrounded by family. People might scoff at the idea of this “pod” setting, but I am all for having as many options as possible. While some might not choose this pod as the answer to their end of life, others might find it perfect. Critics have already spoken out against it, and I totally understand. But why not let the person decide? If they want the pod, then hey, it’s there. If not, that’s ok too. I am in favor of having as many options as possible, and this is just another one that might help a terminally ill person find peace.

To learn more about death with dignity and how to support them, go to our podcast page, HERE and listen to our discussion about the proposed legislation that will help catch us up to the rest of the modern world.

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