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Watch out for lawyers who, in the midst of Covid-19, all of a sudden decide they are Estate Planning and Elder Law Experts! 

While people are staying home there is a huge decrease in car accidents, eviction cases, and divorces. A lot of lawyers are trying to jump into estate planning because they have nothing else to do!  How do you know if a lawyer is truly an estate planning or elder law specialist, and not just trying to capitalize on Covid-19?

Here are the questions to ask:

  • Look at their website. Do they have regular updated information and posts about estate planning and elder law?
  • Do they have any published work, like books or reports?
  • Do they have client testimonials for estate planning and elder law?
  • Will they send you free materials on the subject?
  • Do they practice exclusively in estate planning and elder law, versus many other fields?

If the answers to the above questions are not all YES, then you might be looking at a lawyer who doesn’t really specialize. The Estate Planning and Elder Law fields are in a constant state of flux – they demand constant continuing education to stay updated, so much so that there is a very large time commitment necessary to stay current. 

Click here to See Mike's video to learn more! Watch out for lawyers trying to take advantage of you at a time like this!

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