Pet Trusts

Everyone knows that pet owners treat their pets like members of the family. Because I grew up with severe allergies, I never had the chance to experience the joy of owning a dog. But I still know how important they are to their owners and the amazing effects that a dog or other pet can have.   

We all know that they cheer us up, make us smile, and enrich our lives. They are part of our family. 

But have you thought about what would happen to your pet if something happened to you? Who would take care of your furry friend? And would the person you chose be able to afford the expenses of your pet’s care? Should you have to choose a caretaker based on what’s in their wallet? Wouldn’t you rather choose the person who would provide the most love and care? 

And ask yourself this - If you’re leaving your pet to someone if you pass away, is it even fair to expect them to pay the expenses that go along with Pet Ownership? Those vet bills can be a serious burden. So how do we make sure that our pets get the care and love that they deserve? 


Simple. The Pet Trust. A pet trust allows you to name someone who will take care of your pet if you pass away, and also allows you to leave a sum of money to be used for your pet’s care. Don’t leave it up to your family members to pay those expenses, and figure out where your pet should live. And don’t let the finances keep you from leaving your pet to the person you know in your heart who would be the best caregiver. 


Call us at 978-657-7437 about setting up a pet trust as part of your estate planning. Set up a pet trust and provide for your pet's care – they are worth it!

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