For-Profit Businesses

Business entities such as corporations and limited liability companies (LLC's), and even real estate trusts, each offer certain protections from liability, and can keep an individual's assets out of reach in the event of a lawsuit.

We can advise you as to which type of business entity is right for you and your business. We can then quickly and efficiently create that business entity for you, including the drafting of all necessary documents and filing with the proper governmental authorities. Every business is different, and we will evaluate yours on an individual basis. We will provide you with the appropriate options, at reasonable rates.

Non-Profit Businesses

Does your business qualify as a non-profit entity under state or federal law? If so, you may be eligible for many tax breaks and tax exemptions. However, qualifying for these exemptions and filing the proper paperwork is often very complicated, with several different options available. You need competent legal advice to know how to qualify for these exemptions, and file accordingly. For example, the documentation necessary for tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) is extremely complicated, and should not be undertaken without legal assistance.

We can help you determine if your business qualifies, advise you of how to qualify, and prepare both the corporate and tax-related documents.

Business Disputes & Contracts

We offer legal services for business disputes, drafting business agreements, contracts, and business consulting.

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