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For real estate Buyers, we are now offering FREE Purchase and Sale drafting, review, editing, and negotiation if we handle the transaction for your lender.


Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings:


We have conducted hundreds of closings, providing buyer & seller representation, as well as lender representation. Some Buyers qualify for FREE PURCHASE AND SALE SERVICES!  The bottom line is, if we handle the loan transaction for your lender at the closing, there will be no charge to you for the Purchase and Sale services, which include P&S drafting, review, editing, and negotiation.  The only fee charged is for the lender work, which is otherwise paid to the lender's attorney.   

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, our attorney can assist you if you are trying to sell your property, while charging less money than a typical broker. 

Legal services also include drafting and/or review of documents, including Purchase and Sale Agreement, Quitclaim Deeds, residential and Commercial Loan Documents, Easements, Homesteads, written opinions for the lender, and the like. Reasonable rates and free consultation.


Condominium Fee Collection: 

In most cases, we can collect overdue condo fees on behalf of a condominium association at NO COST WHATSOEVER to the association.  Massachusetts Law provides for the payment of attorneys fees by the unit owner that is delinquent with his or her condo fees.  Therefore, the attorneys fees, court costs, and other costs of the legal action are added to the amount that the unit owner already owes.  We do not requre a retainer for legal fees from my condo association clients, and we collect payment through the action itself.  We have had great success in collecting delinquent condominium fees for several condo associations, at absolutely no cost to the association, and in most cases it is without ever going to court!

Condominium Documents:

Are you interested in converting a new or existing dwelling into condominiums? We will draft and record all necessary documentation to create and maintain condominiums under MA General Laws Ch. 183A. This includes the Master Deed, the Condominium Trust, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations. We will also assist you with creating a budget and setting condo fees.


Buyer & Seller Disputes:

Are you in the middle of a Purchase and Sale, and things have gone haywire? Did you buy a home and find some surprises after you moved in? Did your home inspection results make you want to change the amount of your offer? Are you trying to sell your home without the added expense of a real estate broker? We can assist you with all of the above, at reasonable cost. We realize that a home is your most important investment, and that the buying & selling process can be overwhelming. We have handled numerous buyer/seller disputes, both before and after closing. At your free consultation, we can advise you of your legal rights, and help make sure that you are protected.


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