The Last Will & Testament

Do you have a Last Will & Testament? If not, you are leaving your loved ones with a substantial hardship when dealing with your assets. Even if you have taken care to leave money or property to your loved ones after you are gone, the process for reaching that property is much more difficult if there is no Will to consult. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has very specific rules regarding "who gets what" if you die without a Will, and the new MUPC has imposed even greater restrictions if there is no Will. Having a proper & up-to-date Will ensures that what you leave behind goes where you want it to. You can't take it with you, but you can direct where it goes once you're gone.


Will a Trust help you? A Trust is a useful tool for holding real estate, money, or other property. Also, Trust can be used to keep certain property out of reach from liability, or to possibly keep property out of the probate process. Trusts are versatile vehicles for accomplishing a number of goals. We will provide you with the legal advice on various types of Trusts, and the ways they can benefit to you.


Estates and Probate

The NEW Mass Uniform Probate Code (MUPC)

Recent law updates have completely changed the way that we draft Wills, and the way we go through the probate process for Estates.  We have experience with the new probate processes, including Will Contests, Will drafting and probate of estates.  The new MUPC allows for even more customization of your Will.  Further, we have experience in drafting and litigation of trusts under the new Mass Uniform Trust Code.

You need an experienced attorney to help you through the probate process.  From being appointed as the Personal Representative, to dealing with creditor, to making distributions and selling real estate, we can help you get through it all.

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