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Protecting Your Legacy: How to Safeguard Your Family Home from Medicaid Liens

In this success story, we recently worked with involved a married couple in their 80s. Together, their total combined net worth amounted to $2 million, with their primary asset being their family home—a property they held dear and wished to protect from potential long-term care costs.

Their main concern revolved around the potential impact of nursing home expenses on their assets and, most importantly, their family home. Their overarching goal was to preserve their assets for the benefit of their children and ensure that their beloved family home could be passed down without being subject to Medicaid liens.

To address these challenges, our team at Monteforte Law used Wealth Preservation Planning (WPP) to conduct a thorough evaluation of their financial situation. We then advised them on the most suitable asset protection strategies to shield their family home from Medicaid MassHealth liens.

One of the key solutions we implemented was the creation of a Medicaid Trust. This trust structure ensured that the family home would not be counted as an asset for Medicaid eligibility purposes. As a result, the family home was effectively protected from Medicaid MassHealth liens, preserving it as a valuable asset that could be passed on to their children as part of their legacy. You can learn more about Medicaid Trusts in our FREE report here.

By taking these steps, our clients successfully avoided the potentially costly nursing home expenses that could have depleted their savings. Instead, their savings remained intact and available for other needs and future legacies, providing them with peace of mind and financial security during their retirement years.

Ready to Safeguard Your Family Home and Legacy?

If you, like our clients, want to protect your family home and assets from Medicaid liens and ensure a lasting legacy for your loved ones, it's time to take action. Don't wait until it's too late to secure your financial future.

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