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An elder law attorney is a lawyer who specializes in providing legal services for elderly and disabled individuals. Their services help ensure that seniors receive the kind of health care they want, that their finances are in order, and that their estate will be administered according to their wishes. Of course, this directly benefits the seniors who work with an elder law attorney, but the advantages also extend to their families.

Planning Ahead Benefits Seniors and Their Family Caregivers

Many seniors falsely assume that family members will be willing and able to just “take care of everything” if something goes awry with their health or finances. This kind of hands-off approach is risky and often leads to many unnecessary problems, both for seniors and their loved ones. Seniors may be apprehensive about spending money on an elder law attorney’s services, but failing to plan for the future can wind up being far more expensive.

For example, it’s common for seniors to procrastinate on making legal preparations. The task itself forces us to confront our own mortality and face how unpredictable our remaining years might be. Unfortunately, some elders put off this important job until it’s too late and they’re no longer competent to make informed decisions or handle legal matters. Their families are left with the costly and time-consuming task of fighting for the legal authority to act on their loved ones’ behalf—a legal designation known as guardianship. The unnecessary expense and stress of guardianship proceedings can be avoided with one simple appointment with an elder law attorney, resulting in both medical and health care powers of attorney.

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