5 Star Review

I contacted Michael about helping with my mom's and dad's finances. Mom had to go to a nursing home. Michael assured me from the beginning he would always be there for me. Michael told me how much it would be to do all the work which I found to be very fair compared to other quotes I had. Throughout the long process, Michael took the time to explain everything that was going on and if I had a question he was quick to answer. We had many hurdles to overcome with my mom's case but Michael never gave up. There was a point where I was fed up with the system and was ready to throw in the towel, Michael calmed me down and got me refocused, and assured me all that was happening he had seen some of before. As time went on we had numerous requests for information from Mass Health and again Michael did many mailings and overnight packages and never asked for a dime more than what he quoted. After about 1 1/2 years we made it to the end and got mom taken care of. Michael explained to me why this kind of law was so important to him. If you meet him he can tell you his story as I do not want to make a mistake with his story. Over the course of almost 2 years of knowing Michael, I have found him to be a stand-up guy. I have also given him ideas about how I might be able to help him going forward with other cases he might have. Believe me when I tell you if you think you can do estate planning or try to get someone on Medicaid without a lawyer you are fooling yourself. I highly recommend Michael for the services he provides. In closing, if you go to his office and have to wait a couple of minutes enjoy looking has his beautiful fish tank.

- Dave