An ode to Gabby

A Chapter Closes and a New one Opens:

An Ode to my Gabby.

Most of my blogs are about legal stuff, and in a way, I guess this one is too. Because after she’s done with college and law school the world will have another talented lawyer in the ranks. Gabriella M. Monteforte, Esq. Has a nice ring to it, right? And I have no doubt that she’ll be better at it than me.

There’s no one you’d rather have on your side than Gabby. She is a fierce friend – just ask the 8-year-old boy she beat up on the bus when she was 5 because he was picking on her friends. When Gabby puts her mind to something, it’s as good as done. And if she’s behind you, she’s behind you 100%, no matter what, no matter the odds, no matter the cost. She gives all of herself to everything she does.

Gabby Dance PicThe day after Gabby’s final dance competition, she brought home 5 big trophies and a bunch of pins and certificates. It’s the culmination of 15+ years of dance. All at the same dance studio, and with the same people. The members of Gabby’s dance team are her very best friends – more like sisters. Her dance teachers are like family to her as well – they taught her confidence, teamwork, selflessness, and humility.

After years and years of competing, and all of the recitals, that chapter is almost closed. The big competitions are done, and there may be 1-2 small ones left, but the major ones are over. The last competition was an amazing and emotional time. To see Gab and her friends on stage, with family looking on, was such an awesome moment. The younger dancers from the studio were in the crowd, cheering on the seniors. Meanwhile, the parents of those seniors were beaming with pride, while trying to keep the crying in check (we all failed at that). I will never forget the songs from Gabby’s last dances – her group numbers, her duo, her solos. For the rest of my life, those songs will always turn me to mush.

It's a year of “lasts” for Jill and me.

We’ve already had her last field hockey game and her last big competition. Next will be her last recital, last day of high school, and last days of living at home before she heads off to college.

I still haven’t wrapped my head around it all. Moving to college, off to start her adult life. That tiny baby that stared at me when she was 10 seconds old is now all grown up. The time flew by, all in a blink, and the parents reading this can relate to that I’m sure. I could write forever about the little girl that followed me around like a shadow when I came home from work.

Her next chapter is about to begin. Gabby will be attending Quinnipiac University as part of their 3+3 law program. All I know is that they are getting an amazing young lady. I am absolutely beaming with pride when I write that. Anyone that sees the way I look at my Gabby, well, it’s obvious. She’s the apple of my eye.

So here’s to you Gabby.

My smart, confident, sweet, kind, beautiful young lady. For everything I’ve ever done wrong, I know I’ve done at least one thing right. Shoot for the stars, dream big, and never quit. No one deserves it more than you. But remember, no matter where you go or what you do, you will forever be my little girl.

Michael Monteforte, Jr.
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Joan Young 05/14/2022 10:32 AM
A beautiful tribute to your lovely daughter. May all good things come to her in the new chapter of her life.
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