Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are springing up all over the country because they meet a very big need for the aging population. Massachusetts has many of these communities throughout the state. They provide a way for seniors to “age in place” meaning that they start in the independent section of the community and gradually progress to the assisted living or skilled nursing sections only when the need arises. They stay in the same overall community in which they have grown familiar and built relationships.

Healthy adults may spend years or even decades in the single-family home or condo in the CCRC before moving into assisted living. All sections offer many services including healthcare, meals, housekeeping, transportation, and emergency services. The communities also provide social and educational activities to provide entertainment as well as help to foster friendships.

To pay for a CCRC, they are typically 4 types of contracts available:

  • Life Contracts: These are the most expensive and include unlimited assisted living and healthcare services.
  • Modified Contracts: These indicate which specific services are included and if the resident ends up needing other types of services they will be provided for additional costs.
  • Fee-for-Service Contracts: This allows the resident to move in for a lower enrollment fee, but he or she will pay for all services on an as-needed basis.
  • Rental agreements: These usually do not require an entrance fee but guarantee access to services when needed for additional fees.

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