I’ve been lucky enough to practice law in Wilmington for the past 13 years, with the last several years concentrating on Estate Planning and Elder Law. I have been to the senior center, and have seen the great work that they do there. But I have also seen that the building is old, outdated, and much too small. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to speak with Terri and her team, and I have witnessed firsthand the impact that the senior center has on our community. The senior center enriches the lives of those who go there, many of whom are veterans.  

My children are fortunate enough to attend the new high school here in town. My daughter is a sophomore, and my son is a freshman. When it was time to build the new school, I was all for it and was happy to know that my children would receive the benefit of this new building. That said, I also realize that we were asking everyone in town to pay more in taxes for something they would not necessarily benefit from directly. Seniors in our community do not have children attending the new school, but they were still asked to ante-up their share. This has to work both ways. While I may not directly need the services that the senior center offers (not yet, anyway), I recognize that many in our community do need to attend the center at this time.  So just like with the high school, it’s time for all of us to ante up.  That is what community is all about. 

These people have worked tirelessly all of their lives, and many of them have served in our armed forces. Our seniors deserve the same respect and consideration that we give to our youth. The work done at the senior center is vital. This town needs a new facility to serve our seniors. Our community deserves it. The seniors of our town deserve it. They have earned it. Period. 

Michael Monteforte, Jr.
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