writing a will

Recently, Kelly James wrote an article explaining why people put off writing their Will. Attorney Michael Monteforte was interviewed for the article and explained the number one reason why people put off this simple task! His answer? People think they have plenty of time.

In the article, Attorney Monteforte states that "Writing a will is a very easy thing to back-burner. You know you need to do it, but it's an easy thing to move down your priority list. Everybody thinks they have time and that they'll live to a ripe old age, but that's not always the case."

What does Attorney Monteforte recommend you do instead? Make an appointment with an estate planning lawyer — and write it down. "What gets scheduled gets done," says Monteforte. "Put it on your calendar, and don't move it to next month. None of us are promised tomorrow."

Unfortunately, Kelly learned early on that none of us are promised tomorrow when her co-parent and ex-husband passed away suddenly. It made her realize that putting off creating a Will is the last thing she should do. If anything happened to her, what would happen to her children? This was the question Kelly had no choice but to address. 

When Attorney Monteforte came across Kelly's story from an article she wrote, it moved him to tears. He even wrote a blog, titled When the Unexpected Happens, to truly show how much of an impact her story had on him and his wife. It made the work he does every day even more real and rewarding. 

Are you prepared if the unexpected were to happen to you? Or to a loved one? Stop putting off your estate plan and schedule a Strategic Planning Session with us today. None of us are promised tomorrow. 

If you want to read the full article to learn all 6 reasons and how to overcome them, click here.

Attorney Monteforte also had Kelly James as a guest speaker on his podcast, Mike's Mic. You can listen to Kelly's story on our podcast by clicking here.