Elder Fraud and Abuse
This is a great article about how to screen for elder fraud and abuse. Elders are the most vulnerable to abuse and being taken advantage of, both physically and financially. The numbers are staggering. Sadly, a lot of the time, it’s a family member that is the perpetrator. Sometimes they refuse to provide care to an aging parent or family member unless they receive significant gifts or are named in the elder's Will. While there well there is nothing wrong with the caregiver receiving compensation, even if family member, there is still abuse going on when the compensation is completely unreasonable. For example, I won’t take care of you unless you put your house in my name. As an elder lawyer, I see circumstances like this and I found this article very helpful in ways to screen for elder abuse. If you are concerned about a loved one and think that they might be actively abused or taken advantage of by either a nursing home center or a family member, this article is full of great questions to ask, which can help determine if abuse is taking place. For example, is anyone helping you preventing you from using a telephone or accessing your mail? How are you managing your money? Has anyone touched you without your consent? Also, the ad article includes some red flags that can be signs of elder abuse, Such as verbal hesitation and stammering when answering questions about personal safety.
Massachusetts has a hotline or you can report suspected elder abuse. Their phone number is here: (1-800)922-2275.
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