Wealth Preservation System

The Monteforte Law Wealth Preservation System™

At Monteforte Law, we have grown a lot over the last several years. While I am the CEO, strategic planner, and managing attorney at the firm, we have added additional staff to our process.

When new employees start, I train them on the methods I use to evaluate cases, recommend planning techniques, and draft estate planning documents. I realized, after doing this for 20 years, that I have a set method that I follow, each and every time when I am making recommendations for a client. I want to train our attorneys, and the rest of our staff, on this method, to ensure that every client is getting the absolute best advice, regardless of whether or not I am the person giving the advice.

As we have grown, I realized that I cannot single-handedly meet with every client and draft every document. At the same time, I want every client to have the best experience, get the best advice, and have the best estate plan. I can’t fast forward time and give 20 years of experience to each staff member, so instead, I had to train them to do things the way I do them, based on what I’ve learned over my career. To do that, I needed a uniform system that the entire staff can use, so that the advice and the resulting estate plan is the same, no matter what staff member evaluates the case and drafts the documents.

Thus, the Monteforte Law Wealth Preservation System™ was born.

In my opinion, this system is the absolute best in the industry. I like to think that I have learned a few things over my 20 years as a lawyer and I have put those lessons into the system and taught it to my team. It allows every team member to make use of my years of experience. I have never seen another law firm go through a rigorous and detailed system the way we do. With this system in place, and the whole staff using it, the client gets the right advice and the right documents. Because the system is uniform and we all use it the same way, we are certain that advice given by a staff member would be the same advice that I would give them directly. My staff needs to be able to give the same exact advice that I would, and with this system, they can do just that.

So, what does the system do exactly?

It allows my team to look at every family’s situation, and come up with the best possible plan. We evaluate a number of factors, including the family make-up, assets, income, and goals. We also look at death tax exposure, veteran status, and long-term care planning. By applying our system to each client’s individual situation, we can provide detailed and superior advice, and then create the estate planning documents to back up that advice and put it into action.

It’s our job to come up with the best plan for each client. The advice we give about what type of plan to create is just as important, if not more so than the plan itself. Choosing what documents to use, what kind of Trust to create, and how best to protect our clients’ assets are the most important things we do here. The legal advice we give about what kind of plan we create is the key to it all. We look at what type of plan will reduce taxes, protect assets, pass on and preserve wealth, and plan for long-term care. There’s a lot that goes into making recommendations to a client, and we have mastered that process. Using our Strategic Planning Session Process in conjunction with the Monteforte Law Wealth Preservation System™ is the best way to determine what kind of plan is right for you.

Using our system, we are able to make this pledge to you:

"Whatever the cost of your estate plan, we will save you at least FIVE TIMES that amount in estate tax savings and the value of protected assets."

Michael Monteforte, Jr.
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