Posted on Oct 20, 2023

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Empowering Families: National Estate Planning Awareness Week Sheds Light on Financial Security

Ensuring Peace of Mind and Protecting Legacies, One Plan at a Time

National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which runs from October 16th – 22nd, is an awareness week founded by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils in 2008. This week's goal is to help people understand the importance of having a plan in place to protect their assets and loved ones.

Estate planning, far from being a chore, is a proactive step toward ensuring peace of mind and protecting the ones you love. 

Why Estate Planning Matters:

Estate planning is about more than just distributing assets—it's a comprehensive strategy to safeguard your family's financial security. It allows individuals to outline their wishes regarding medical care, property distribution, and the guardianship of children, providing a clear roadmap for their loved ones in times of need. It’s a way to preserve hard-earned assets, minimize tax burdens, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Additionally, estate planning can enable individuals to decide which people and charitable organizations will receive their wealth at their death. The lack of estate planning may cause an individual’s assets to be distributed to unintended parties by default. Careful planning can also prevent family members or other beneficiaries from being subjected to complex legal and administrative processes requiring significant expenditure of time.

Why Trust  Monteforte Law, P.C.  With Your Estate Plan? 

At Monteforte Law, P.C., we understand the unique challenges that moderate to high-net-worth individuals, families, and business owners face when it comes to preserving their wealth. Our Wealth Preservation Planning approach is one of the most sought-after in Massachusetts because we are the best in class at meeting those challenges. We use our trademarked Monteforte Law Wealth Preservation System™ to evaluate and recommend the best plan for each client and our Legacy Protection Plan program ensures that the plan is always up to date with changes in laws. 

Act this week and see how your estate plan can bring peace of mind, for years to come. You will be surprised at how painless our process is and how much better you will feel after getting it done. There is no better time to plan for the future than now!

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